Construction chemicals are currently the base of the current construction industry. These are chemical compounds used mainly to speed up the rating process of construction works and in turn strengthen and add sustainability to the building structures and with the invention of advanced and highly developed construction chemicals several changes have been observed in the lifestyle of man since the very beginning.

From living in trees to caves to multistory buildings, sub-terrain, bunkers, etc human’s shelter has experienced a remarkable turnaround. Nevertheless, good high-quality chemicals and materials are required to create highly outstanding and classy building structures as seen in various parts of the world today. 

Here are some listed construction chemicals that are  most frequently used;

Concrete hardener: These are chemicals added to floor concrete to make denser and more durable.

Protective coating: A protective coating is a layer of material applied to the surface of another material with the intent of inhibiting or preventing corrosion.

Concrete curing: Concrete curing construction chemicals usually consist of waxes, natural and synthetic resins, and solvents of high volatility at atmospheric temperatures. These compounds form a moisture-retentive film shortly after being applied on a fresh concrete surface.

Epoxy coating: These are used for flooring or decorative purposes. They are solvent-free, oil or water-based solutions that can come as single components which are usually oil-based or two components that are mixed in proportions as directed by the manufacturer.

Mold releasing agent; Mould release agents come in handy when you have materials that are shaped and constructed in molds. Without the releasing agent, your mold may become damaged or even break when it is time to remove it.

Polymer bonding agent: This is an aqueous emulsion of polymer and chemical admixtures. With cement and concrete-based products, it is used as a bonding force in exterior and interior applications.

Ready mix plaster: Ready mix plaster is a factory mixed/premixed sand-cement-based plaster, used for building houses, structures, and also in making molds.

Polymer modified mortar; Polymers act to improve the workability and adhesion of non-hardened mortar and often require less added water than does traditional mortar, which results in fewer pores and stronger cement.

Waterproofing chemicals: These are used to boost the waterproofing capability of structures especially those that are constantly dealing with liquids.


 Construction chemicals play important roles in virtually all sorts of construction projects whether industrial, residential, or commercial building projects. The following are some importance of construction chemicals:

Construction chemicals can be used with various elements in different applications for improving important quality of construction material such as durability, workability, and sustainability of the structures.

The addition of construction chemicals to various building materials during the construction work helps protect the basic or main elements of a structure adds functionality and also improves performance. 

It aids to improve and increase efficiency, adds effectiveness, protects the part of any structure, and accelerates the speed of construction work.

They are used by the construction and civil repair industry and help to enhance concrete quality and strength, provide water-tightness and protect concrete structures from atmospheric degradation. 

Construction chemicals and waterproofing are also widely used for infrastructure projects such as bridges and flyovers, roads and highways construction, airport buildings, overhead bridges, among others. 

Construction chemicals also function in reducing the quantity of water and cement used in the construction project.

In applications such as phase-change e.g liquid to solid and in cross-linking these construction chemicals are seen to interfere with and impart physical properties of chemicals. 

They also increase the life of construction work and provide additional protection from environmental hazards. 


Perform work duties as you have been trained and follow all established procedures.

Always use the correct and required PPE for the job at hand.

Chemical containers should be properly labeled. 

Materials should be contained in an appropriate container. Don’t use any material/chemicals not contained or labeled properly and report any damaged containers.

 Read instructions, labels and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before using any chemicals to make sure you understand hazards and precautions.

Construction chemicals should be solely used for their intended purpose. For example, Do not use solvents to clean your hands, or gasoline to wipe down equipment.

Never eat or drink while handling any chemical.

Chemicals should be stored properly in cool dry ventilated areas.

After handling any chemical, keep the work area clean and tidy.

Emergency, evacuation procedures and equipment should be learned and also procedures for dealing with spills, fire, and medical emergencies in cases of any chemical injury. 


Construction chemicals are the most essential element of any chemical industry, they have altered the milieus of the entire construction industry. Other than earlier, construction chemicals are playing a great important role in meeting the high demand of economy, strength, durability, and sustainability of building structures.

Construction chemicals are expected to drive the industry growth, it enhances the compatibility of the building structure, improve properties such as surface finish, compressive resistance to undesirable working conditions, and climatic conditions. In addition, the demand for these chemicals is said to be boosted in years to come as a result of their properties in minimizing the use of cement and water during construction. Good construction chemicals are further witnessing a great change and a rise in awareness about construction quality and advancements in technology.

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