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Shell Lubricants distributor

Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited- Shell Lubricants distributor Nigeria

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Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited is the Shell Lubricants distributor in Nigeria, we believe in the importance of value for premium Lubricants used by our customers, hence our determination to ensure products are distributed timely to all our offices, warehouses and resellers across Nigeria.

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About Shell Lubricants:

The increasingly sophisticated technology in use today requires increasingly sophisticated lubricants and Shell Lubricant products always out stand the ever growing demands of automotive and machinery suppliers. All products are internationally proven and have the same high quality worldwide. The range includes high quality lubricants like Shell Helix, Shell Tellus, Shell Omala, Shell Rimula and Shell Spirax. To find the right lubricants for your vehicle or machinery please

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More About Shell Lubricants

Shell Lubricants Product Data Guide

The Shell Lubricants product data guide is a summary of Shell’s standard product lines and contains information about products, pack sizes, application, performance characteristics and technical specifications all data present here is directly from Shell.

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Shell offers an extensive line of high-performance oils, greases and fluids. Every Shell lubricant is engineered and tested to meet or exceed the toughest performance standards. As a result, Shell lubricants have been put to work across the world — protecting engines and machinery from heat, wear, dirt and other life-threatening conditions.

Why Epoxy Oilserv is important : At Epoxy we understand the best way to keep your business profitable is to keep you moving – as a distributor of Shell Lubricants in Nigeria, whether your business is Automotive, Industrial, Offshore or Marine. You need to be 100% confident that the lubricants you use will not let you down, we will offer you Shell Lubricants and you can be sure to get the best quote from us, and product can be delivered as at when needed, anytime any day, we work everyday.  

Shell Lubricants range of product

  • Agricultural Oils
  • Automotive Oils
  • Aviation Oils
  • Compressor Oils
  • Gear Oils
  • Greases
  • Heavy Duty Engine Oils
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Marine Oils
  • Motorcycle Oils
  • Turbine Oils
  • Transformer Oils

Heavy duty Engine Oils

You need to know that the Shell Lubricants you use are designed to help protect your vehicles even in extreme conditions. Through the use of adaptive technology, Shell lubricants react to the operational conditions of your vehicles to help provide optimal equipment protection. Are you currently purchasing Shell Rimula products and want to know which product within the new Shell Rimula range you should now be purchasing? Refer to the transition guidance tool below for assistance.

Hydraulic Fluids

In many cases, hydraulic systems are required to operate under variable conditions, for instance in outdoor applications where temperatures can change with the season or throughout the day, or when mobile equipment is transported from one site to another. Designed to give reliable hydraulic performance in a wide range of temperatures, the new Shell Tellus variable temperature hydraulic oils include a new polymer technology that helps them outperform major competitors and protect your investment. Shell Tellus is the world’s leading hydraulic brand, and has now become better than ever. For help on choosing the right Hydraulic Oil use the Shell Tellus or the Shell Tellus EE brochure below.

Automotive Oils

keeps engines in prime condition. Shell Helix Ultra Extra Advanced technology for modern engines with sensitive exhaust gas treatment systems. Fully synthetic motor oil. Shell Helix Ultra Cleans and protects for maximum performance. Fully synthetic motor oil. Shell Helix HX7 Cleans and protects for extra responsivness. Synthetic technology motor oil. Shell Helix HX5 Cleans and protects, reducing engine noise. Premium multi-grade motor oil.

Compressor oils

In any operation requiring compressed air, it is essential to keep your compressors working without loss of pressure. But as production demands rise and compressors are driven even harder to produce more and more air, the risk of an unplanned breakdown rises. A loss of air availability is often costly and can have serious consequences that will affect the whole production process. Using a high performance and specifically designed compressor lubricant will enable your compressors to operate with greater reliability in today’stough conditions. For more detailed information on Shell’s range of compressor oils please download the Shell Corena brochure or find information in your country using the links below.

Compressor oils

Shell has developed a portfolio of lubricants that take into account the special needs of our agriculture customers. Designed to meet a range of requirements, Shell products are particularly useful in helping to reduce equipment downtime and maintain the performance of your equipment.Shell – the effective way to keep your business growing Whether you’re a farmer with a small-holding of your own or a professional farm manager working on a large scale farm, you have your specific needs. But the need for tractor and equipment reliability, particularly during the intense 24/7 harvesting and seeding season, is the same across the globe.When you and your machine need to work day and night to get the job done, equipment reliability and performance is everything.

The Shell Lubricants offer for Agriculture community includes:

  • A comprehensive range of superior Agricultural lubricants and greases to operate in all climates.
  • Products that meet or exceed the majority of tractor OEM specifications (including hydraulic systems).
  • Supported by technical services that keep tractors and farming equipment hard at work.
  • Extended drain intervals that help to provide increased operating hours and drive down unit operating costs.
  • The product is sold, delivered and recycled in a safe and environmentally responsible way, leaving you to focus on your business.

Marine Lubrication

programme designed to achieve optimum efficiency, ensuring that everything from the main engine to the secondary equipment runs smoothly, no matter the environment in which it operates. After many years of detailed research and development, Shell Marine Products has developed an unrivalled portfolio of individual lubricants, each designed to address the specific challenge of achieving optimum performance in the relevant application. More than the strength of the individual products, companies working with Shell Marine Products benefit from our global network of local experts. These specialists help our customers to develop, implement and maintain effective lubrication programmes for each and every piece of equipment in the fleet. This can result in:

  • Unsurpassed main engine cleanliness when using Shell Alexia 50
  • Minimal piston under crown deposits when using Shell Argina
  • Unrivalled protection against lacquer formation when using Shell Gadinia

To list just a few of the advantages of SMP’s lubrication programmes. Using the concept of ‘Oil Stress’ (developed in Shell’s own research laboratory – the largest of its kind anywhere in the world). Shell specialists ensure that the full requirements of every application are thoroughly understood. Product and service recommendations are based on an integrated understanding of the interaction between the equipment, its operating characteristics and the lubricant to ensure they are well matched for optimum efficiency

Turbine Oils

The power industry is changing, driven by the need for technical innovation and increased competition. But some things remain constant – such as the continued need for reliability, capacity and profitability. Reliable output requires reliable input, so your choice of turbine lubricating oil can make a real difference. To find out more about Shell’s range of Turbine Oils please download the Shell Turbo brochure below.

Gear Oil

Shell Omala and Tivela S Shell industrial gear oils are designed to offer reliable performance in the face of the increasing demanding working conditions. Industrial gear oils from Shell are available for a wide variety of applications including heavy-duty use and use in worm gears and can offer benefits that include enhanced gearbox protection and seal compatibility and improved energy efficiency. For the full product range and benefits please download the Shell Omala brochure below.

Also available in Shell’s range of Gear Oils: Shell Cassida GL Gear lubricants for use in food manufacturing equipment

Metal working oils

No matter what you are manufacturing, it should be machined accurately and assembled efficiently to help you to maintain production rates and product quality. Without this, it can be a challenging to be competitive in the market place. Using quality lubricants can help your equipment work more reliably, which can help to increase your output and your profitability, even when working under tough conditions and under demanding deadlines.  

  • Industrial Cleaners:
  • Shell Callina Range

Heat Transmission fluid

Heat transfer fluid Other names for this product HEAT TRANSFER OIL S2

Shell Thermia Oil B is based on carefully selected highly refined mineral oils chosen for its ability to provide superior performance in indirect closed fluid heat transfer systems.

Max. film temperature 340 C Max. bulk temperature 320 C

download data sheet here

Motor cylcle oil

Shell Advance 4 Stroke Engine Oils Shell Advance oils are made up of a special mix of top-quality synthetic, semi-synthetic, or mineral base oils. Special high-performance additives are also mixed in to provide long lasting protection against engine stress and improved cleanliness. It takes years of oil formulation experience to come up with the right formula for Shell Advance and the way various additives are mixed in with the base oil is crucial to its overall performance.

Shell Gadus greases

Use Shell Gadus grease when your lubrication requirements can only be met by a grease, For your equipment to perform to its design standards, you need a grease that stays in place, giving continuous protection and lubrication. Shell Gadus greases can help maintain or even improve a system’s efficiency compared to conventional greases. Gadus greases include everything from premium greases you might use for your electrical motors to high-tech greases for the steel or aviation industry, all designed to safely lubricate your equipment at the lowest possible operating cost. For the full product range and benefits please download the brochure below:

Aeroshell Lubricants:

Epoxy now have Aeroshell Lubricants available for Nigeria customers, please call on us for a quick quote today

Food Grade Lubricants

As with all industries, the machinery varies greatly in design and purpose – the bagger on a commercial ice machine, the capper on a bottle filler, the conveyor on a sandwich assembly line, the mixer in an industrial kettle – but contamination presents a special concern. This is why we at Epoxy stock variety of Food grease

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