Lubemax High-Temperature multipurpose lithium grease is available in Nigeria now. The Lubemax high-temperature multipurpose grease is a premium; lithium-based red grease fortified with polymers, anti-wear agents, tackiness additives, & resists rusts and oxidation. 

This grease is ideal for high-duty and moderate-duty applications, and this grease is also robust enough to handle heavily loaded applications found in industrial and mobile equipment. 

This grease allows a lubricant film to be preserved and provides the appropriate viscosity needed for the correct operation of your equipment, especially if it is subject to heavy loads generating heat.

Mr. Gbenga Akomolafe confirmed in an interview that” Lubemax High-Temperature Grease does not easily washout under heavy water ingress and exhibits good pumpability even at lower temperatures. It is suitable for use over a wide temperature range while providing resistance to oxidation and hardening at high temperatures. The temperature can withstand 300 deg. Celcius, unlike other brands will not exceed 180 deg. Celcius.

Lubemax high-temperature greases are particularly suitable for the lubrication of elements such as:

  • Roller bearings operating under severe conditions.
  • Rolling mill bearings.
  • Oven fan bearings.
  • Gluing machine roller bearings.
  • Hot-mix asphalt stations.
  • Crushing and screening equipment.
  • Oven racks and furnace hearth rollers.

About Lubemax High-Temperature Grease

1. It has low evaporation

2. Spaced-out greasing.

3. Thermal stability.

4. Reduced temperatures in load zones for better productivity.

5. Mechanical stability and low softening.

6. Sealing maintained a reduction in grease consumption.

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Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria has been in the business of production and product supply in Nigeria since 2006. Our ultra-modern factory is situated in Port Harcourt (an ongoing factory in the industrial area of Ogun State), with branches in Nigeria’s major cities to make our products accessible to our clients.
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