We do 3D Epoxy Floor training on applications in Nigeria

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Learn the art of taking standard grey concrete floors and turning them into a dramatic piece of art. Join our industry experts at our epoxy floor training and experience our hands on training for yourself. Learn the basic principles to the most cutting edge techniques in the epoxy coating industry. Whether you take this training to become a certified installer or to become an expert on the epoxy floor coatings process, this training is for everyone! look no further as we have all the required technical capabilities.


Whether you are new to epoxy or have limited experience, we are here to get you started with professional epoxy training.

Learning is fun with group participation in our spacious and well equipped facility. We have a comfortable 20 seat classroom where we start with book discussion prior to hitting the test slabs. All areas in our 4,000 sq. Meter facility are air conditioned for your comfort.

  • Moisture testing
  • Moisture barriers
  • Floor repair and levelling
  • Primers
  • Base coats
  • Solid colours, flakes, glitter, and urethane coatings
  • Tools and equipment
  • Estimating pricing

Epoxy Oilserv Epoxy floor training evolved from high quality product source.

Epoxy Oilserv Epoxy floor training was formed as an information hub where epoxy contractors could learn more about their craft. We started as a quality product source and now we evolved into a leader in  training  for the wider resin flooring industry in Nigeria.

With training courses heavily based on drafts of a future international resin flooring framework, and with a long-term goal of turning resin flooring into a proper trade, Epoxy Oilserv is the clear choice for contractors looking for a better way to learn.  

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Trained Experts Partners with us

We have partnered with our numerous students and experts in the industry to bring to fore the best in training others too, we have training going on today somewhere near you, To find out more about the training courses offered,

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