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Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited have seen the need for appropriate skills development in Nigeria and this prompted the management of Epoxy Oilserv to develop training programs that will enhance skills creation development and structured to integrate individuals that are fresh from the higher institutions to fit properly into the work environment, while seeking to be one of the foremost Industrial training company in Nigeria, we want to do it in a cost effective manner that participants will be glad they joined our programs. We have started to add programs that are needed in the industry and will continue to add more as we see needs and as we collaborate with industry experts that will let us know what matters and what changes are currently in place. Today Epoxy Oilserv is one of the foremost industrial training company in Nigeria with key strategy to enhance the scope of the need of the industry in the country

Industrial Training is essential for graduates/students to develop the practical skills that they will need to be effective professional and skilled workforce needed for the Nigeria work environment.

Student practical exposure in the industry- Free or paid internship.

Practical exposure is very much essential to understand the subject. In Nigeria, our higher institutions are not equipped with necessary infrastructure to impart practical training to the students. We are taking that responsibility by gathering the requirements from the industry and training our students on those skills.

Internship involves working in a controlled environment with the trainee/graduate/student under guidance of an experienced worker who are working on a project and they will teach guide and educate the interns to get exposed in the concerned area.

We will also find a way to get Internships for on the job extra trainings, Minor projects. In these internships, we try to fix students within the industry for any organization that need them so as to train the students on subject areas, Operations & Maintenance of any particular equipment in detail, this is achieved but for students that will accept little pay for experience or no pay for experience. Students can choose to work on equipment in steel plants, cement plants, power plants, oil & gas industry, manufacturing sector we are in talks with the organizations to have such in place going forward. We have also partnered with GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria Limited to offer needed tools and equipment at highly discounted rates to participants that wants to own and start their own workshops as the need arises.

Trainings that we currently have in offer:

Taking advantage of University industry collaboration to grow Local content:

We will continue to add more useful courses and training modules as necessary in the nearest future. we are also taking decisive actions on the universities-industry-collaboration as espoused by the GMD of NNPC Dr. Maikanti Baru,  we believe that an effective university industry partnership will grow local content in the Nigeria oil and gas industry.

If you are a resource person or a trainer, contact us immediately if you require any in-house training for your team please call us also.

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