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Oil Analysis in Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited

Oil analysis in Nigeria

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We are in collaboration with foriegn and local experts operates a full used oil analysis programm, where  used Oil is tested and the condition of lubricants in use is monitored, we have well equiped laboratory that follows all accepted standards both locally and internationally.

Oil Condition Monitoring testing.

 Oil condition monitoring (OCM) programs in Epoxy Oilserv help clients measure engine oils, lubricating oils and other fluids for detection of lubricant engine wear and other problems that lead to costly engine failures. Protect your engines with oil condition monitoring from Epoxyoil Oil condition monitoring laboratories offer detailed oil and lube test results, presented in an easy-to-read and understandable report. The OCM Oil Condition Monitoring laboratories use Spectrometry, Viscosity, Dilution, Water detection, Acid Number, Base Number, Particle counting, and Microscopy to accurately test lubricant oil samples.

Oil Condition Monitoring laboratory tests include:

  • Marine Lubricants Quality Scanning
  • Ferrography Testing
  • and more

Oils and Lubricants tested:

  • Air Compressor fluids
  • Gas-motor, Compressor Fluids
  • Refrigeration Compressor Fluids
  • Electrical Oils
  • Diesel Engine Lubricants
  • Power Generator Lubricants
  • Petrol, Gasoline Engine Fluids
  • Gearbox Oils
  • Heat Treatment Fluids, Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Turbine Steam, Gas Fluids
  • Jet Engine OCM Testing

OCM Lab Tests offer early detection of:

  • Contamination and Dispersancy in used Diesel Crankcase Lubricating Oils
  • Water Content in Fuels and Oils
  • Engine wear debris in marine lubricants
  • Insolubles Cntent in Industrial Lubricants and Engine Lubricants used in Marine Non-engine Applications
  • Additive Elements, Wear Metals and Contaminants in New and Used Lubricating Oils
  • Insolubles, Water and Oxidation in Used Lubricating Oils
  • Insolubles in Used Marine Lubricating Oils
  • Flash Point of Used Marine Diesel Oils
  • Wear Metals

Related Lubricant and Oil Condition Monitoring Testing Services:

  • Lubricants Testing
  • Oils and Fluids Testing
  • Ferrography Testing

The oil analysis tests which should be considered part of a regularly scheduled predictive maintenance and condition-monitoring program for natural gas engines include the following:

  • Viscosity
  • Base number
  • Acid number
  • Glycol contamination
  • Water contamination
  • Insolubles
  • Spectrochemical analysis
  • Nitration/oxidation

Go through our Lube analysis profile and understand the details of condition monitoring and Lube Oil analysis here

Epoxy Oilserv Used lube oil profile (opens in new tab)

Please contact us for exact specifications of parameters we are able to do in-country for you and those we can send to our partner labs outside of the country.

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