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Epoxy Oilserv is a distributor of welding machines, welding safety, welding consumables, and welding electrodes in Nigeria, We have stock of various global brands such as Lincoln, Miller, Powerflex, Kaierda, Ingco, Askaynak welding machines, 

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Metals can be joined by several techniques with the application of welding. In all these techniques, the energy is converted into a heat form which ultimately results in the melting of alloy or metal. In the melted form, it is easy to join metal with other metal or alloy with the help of a welding machine. The welding machine comes with different welding equipment such as wire brushes, welding cable, earth cable, and welding mask.

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Are you looking for a portable welding machine? In this situation, you can look for some trusted brands that we have on our partner Online shops gz-supplies.com and Tikweld.com. This makes epoxy oilserv as the premier Welding Machine supplier in Nigeria. The following are the brands we import and sell in Nigeria

Dongcheng welding machines

This is China’s best and highest quality manufacturers of welding machines, and power tools, we have Dongcheng welding machines for all the welding processes such as DC INVERTER TIG WELDER; DC INVERTER ARC WELDER; DC INVERTER MIG/MAG WELDER; DC INVERTER MIG/MAG WELDER. GENERATORS.

Esab welding machine

ESAB has moved on a long way since the days of just producing covered electrodes. Today, it manufactures every type of welding machine, including TIG, MIG, plasma and robotic. What’s more, ESAB’s lines include accessories such as torches, cables, regulators and consumables. Currently, this brand is probably most well-known for the because of its multiprocess welder esab warrior 500i. This machine has been given prominence due to its genuine all-around ability. Many other brands have claimed that their machine can do it all, but this one delivers. In short, it can deal with mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Furthermore, it can be used as a MIG, TIG or stick welder. A genuinely versatile machine. We have this machine in stock now

Kaierda welding machines

This is a leading brand which comes with several types of welding machines suitable for different needs. It manufactures inverted-based welding machines with current stepless adjustment. The welders feature advanced PWN electrical control technology for stable performance.

Ingco Welding machines

This is a well-known brand that manufactures inverted-based welding machines. It adopts IGBT technology within the welder for a stable performance. The eye-catching features include Hot ARC ignition and good stability against voltage fluctuations.

Frequently asked questions about Welding machine in Nigeria

Welding machine that is powered with electricity and original costs between N40,000 and 90,000. It also depends on the electric phase, a 3-phase electric welding machine will weld 3mm to 5mm thick electrode, the next one is fuel-driven welding machines is sold for between N2,500,000 to N6,950,000. A used fuel-driven welding machine is sold for N2,500,000 to N3,500,00 depending on the age and newness

Mig Welding: This is one of the easiest types of welding for beginners to understand. There are two kinds of MIG welding, the first use bare wire for welding and the second uses flux core wire, Mig welding is used to join metal pieces together.
Stick welding: Stick welding is also known as Arc welding. Stick welding is a bit harder to master than MIG welding, but someone can pick up a stick welding equipment for home use at an affordable price range. Stick welding uses a stick electrode welding rod.
Tig Welding: TIG welding is extremely versatile, but it is also one of the more difficult welding techniques to learn. Two hands are needed for TIG welding. One hand feeds the rod whilst the other holds a TIG torch. This torch creates the heat and arc, which are used to weld most conventional metals, including aluminum, steel, nickel alloys, copper alloys, cobalt, and titanium. The Tig welding machines are also not so expensive
Plasma Arc Welding: Plasma arc welding is a precision technique in welding that is commonly used in aerospace applications where the metal thickness is 0.015 of an inch. Plasma arc welding is very similar in technique to TIG welding, but the electrode is recessed and the ionizing gases inside the arc are used to create heat. One example of such an application would be on an engine blade or an air seal.
Electron Beam and Laser Welding: Electron beam and laser welding are extremely precise, high energy welding techniques. Laser beam welding (LBW) is a welding technique used to join pieces of metal or thermoplastics through the use of a laser. The beam provides a concentrated heat source, allowing for narrow, deep welds and high welding rates.
Gas welding: Gas welding is a process in which heat for welding is obtained from a gas or gases burning at a sufficiently high temperature produced by an admixture of oxygen. Gas welding is rarely used anymore and has been largely superseded by TIG welding. Gas welding kits require oxygen and acetylene and are very portable. They are still sometimes used to weld bits of car exhaust back together.

There exist different types of machines which are distinct from each other in terms of features, size, shape, and other factors. Some types of machines are mentioned below:
Tig welding machine
Tungsten Inert Gas welders are suitable for performing any precision work. TIG welder is helpful for welding a large variety of alloys or metals as compared to other models. Suitable metals include nickel, magnesium, mild steel, stainless steel, and so on.
Mig welding machine
Metal Inert Gas welders are considered as the most versatile among the different varieties of welding machines. MIG welder is suitable for welding materials such as mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
Stick Welding Machine
Stick welder is extremely beneficial since it doesn’t require any compressed gases and performs in an excellent manner in any windy, rusty, or dirty environment. It features a TIG capability and handles up to 1/8-inch rod.
Spot welding Machine
It is regarded as a resist technique that is helpful to join the steel material sheets which are about 3 mm in terms of thickness. It is easy to join 2 or 4 steel sheets with such a high density of thickness using a spot welder.

One can use arc welding, gas welding, and forge welding for the welding purpose related to the carbon steel material.

Normally, stainless-steel can be annealed at a temperature ranging from 750 to 800 degrees Celsius.

For MIG welding, it is suitable to weld flux-cored. For thicker metals and outdoor jobs, the flux-cored wire electrodes work best. For thinner metals and jobs performed out of the wind, solid wire electrodes can work quite well. Solid wire electrodes used in MIG welding are not as portable as flux-cored wires. This is due to the necessity of a shielding gas in MIGW.

Aluminum can be welded with the use of MIG welder or TIG welder for excellent results.

Latest Welding Machines Models Sold in NIgeria
Askaynak ELectrical welding machine Inverter 155 Super
Askaynak ELectrical welding machine Inverter 185 Super
Askaynak inverter welder 160E Inverter welding machine
Kaierda Electric welding machine WN-200S
Kaeirda Mig MAG Stick Welding machine MIG-350C
Powerflex welder MMA 270ES welding machine
Kaierda Tig Welding machine WS400N
Maxmech Inverter Welding Machine CUT-40
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