Shell Industrial Lubricants

Epoxy Oilserv Limited supplies all range of Shell Industrial Lubricants in Nigeria.


Shell Industrial lubricants
Lubricants for the industry

Whatever your industry, there is a comprehensive range of products and services that are designed to help add value to your operations. Our ultimate-performance synthetic lubricants offer outstanding protection, long lubricant life and system efficiency – benefits which are continuously proven in real-life applications. We can help you reduce your total cost of equipment ownership by maximising the value of using Shell lubricants.

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Shell Product data guide industry
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Shell’s range of turbine oils has been developed to deliver optimum value to your operation through enhanced protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.

From high-temperature gas turbine systems to combined cycle systems with integral gearing, the Shell Turbo range can protect your equipment from corrosion and minimise the build-up of deposits and lacquer in turbine bearings and control valves.

Gear Oil

Shell Gear oil brochure guide (Download)

Shell Omala gear oils offer protection across a range of applications and includes Shell’s latest synthetic oils such as Shell Omala S4 GX, which provides exceptional long-life performance under extreme loads and temperatures. Advanced synthetic oils such as Shell Omala S4 WE can offer additional benefits with improved energy efficiency.


 To help your equipment perform to its design standards, the hydraulic fluid needs to protect, lubricate and help transmit power in the most effective way. Shell Tellus hydraulic fluids are designed to help maintain – and even improve – the efficiency of hydraulic systems.


An engine coolant is a heat transfer fluid designed to remove excess heat from an internal combustion engine. An operating engine typically converts only one third of the energy derived through the combustion of fuel into work that moves the vehicle. The other two thirds is converted into heat, of which one third goes out with the exhaust. This lives the remaining third in the engine block, necessitating the need for a coolant to adsorb this heat, transport it to the radiator and dissipate it into the environment.


Whatever your technical needs and operational conditions, there is a Shell Corena compressor oil to help you get the most from your equipment investment. The range includes the latest synthetic oils for enhanced wear protection in high-temperature conditions and extended operations.

Technical datasheets of Corena range of products here


The Shell Morlina range enables you to match the oil life of the fluid to your operational needs. This includes specialty products that continue to function even when contaminated with water, dust or dirt as well as the fully synthetic Shell Morlina S4B, which provides the longest oil life under severe conditions in the Shell Morlina range.


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