What is Bentonite Grease

Bentonite grease are extreme pressure clay thickened grease. Bentonite grease is one of the best types of grease for industrial applications, they are high-quality, extreme pressure (EP), clay thickened grease developed for the lubrication of industrial equipment operating under heavy loads and at high temperatures. It is recommended for medium to large, low speed bearings operating at very high temperatures where conventional soap based greases typically fail to provide satisfactory lubrication.

Grease is a solid or semisolid lubricant formed as a dispersion of thickening agents in a liquid lubricant. Grease generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil. The lubricating fluid is usually the majority component in the grease formulation. The additives are typically present in relatively low concentrations, and are added to the grease to provide enhancement in one of multiple performance areas. The thickener is what sets grease apart from liquid lubricants. This component gives the grease the property of consistency, making the product semi-solid rather than liquid. Many different chemical compounds can be used to thicken grease. 

An organic clay, bentonite is used as a thickener in this grease. Typically used in high temperature applications and applications that involve exposure to water, for instance in ball, roller or plain bearings, bentonite greases must have a high dropping or melting point as well as good resistance to water.

Bentonite clay is supplied in an organically modified form, and in some instances, suppliers sell bentonite products suitable for use with products of different polarity. There are bentonite products recommended for low, medium and high polarity.

“It is important to match the polarity of the oil with the bentonite, and in some instances a polar activator must also be added to the formulation,” says René Abrahams.


Clay grease or bentonite grease were the most popular non-soap thickened greases.  These smooth-textured greases can have outstanding heat resistance, since the thickener will not melt and when tested for dropping point, do not give a value.

Benefits and Value

  • No dropping point
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Fair work stability
  • Fair low-temperature properties
  • Abrasive parts can accumulate over time
  • Limited corrosion resistance, extreme pressure and AW
  • High-temperature limitations
Clay Grease / Bentonite Grease Applications
  • High temperature applications for short intervals
  • Frequent relubrication needed

Features & Benefits

  • Non-melt clay thickener
  • Excellent resistance to changes in consistency at high temperatures
  • Good EP and antiwear properties
  • Adheres to metallic surfaces
  • Good shear stability
  • High film strength
  • Resists water washout
  • Good mechanical and storage stability


  • Banbury mixers
  • Drying ovens
  • Jaw crushers
  • Kiln cars
  • Rolling and strip mills
  • Steel mills
  • Aluminum, cement, glass and rubber plants

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