These are frequently asked questions about Lubricants, please sen an email and an Expert from our office will respond with full literature of what you ask for.

1. Is the lubricant compatible with the materials in my component?

2. The viscosity of the base oil is reported at 40°C and 100°C on your Data Sheet. What is the base oil viscosity at other temperatures?

3. What is the shelf life of your product?

4. Is shelf life the same as functional life?

5. Where can I purchase your products?

6. What types of packaging do you offer?

7. How can I clean or remove your product from my component?

8. I’m using a competitor’s lubricant. Do you offer a similar product?

9. I’ve noticed oil separation in my grease? Is it still OK to use?

10. The color of my oil/grease has darkened compared to when it was new. Is it still OK to use?

11. How do I apply your product to my component?

12. What equipment should I use to automatically apply your product to my component?

13. I have an automatic grease dispensing system that uses pails and drums. What is the proper way to change grease containers?

14. Your product data sheet contains many lubricant properties. What are the definitions for those properties?

15. What are the differences between using an oil and a grease in my application?

16. Is there a problem with using a combination of two types of oils/greases in the same component where they may come in contact with each other? I want to replace the grease in an existing system with different grease. I can’t clean out all the old grease. Will there be a compatibility issue between the new and old grease?

17. Where can I get more answers about setting up a pump and dispensing system for grease?

18. What are the general storage guidelines for lubricants?

19. How much oil / grease should I apply on my component?

20. What is the maintenance cycle for lubrication for my component?

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