These Innovative Softwares will increase productivity and lowers cost for Oil and Gas

These Innovative Softwares will increase productivity and lowers cost for Oil and Gas companies

All three application suites, Jason 9.0, Hampson-Russell 10.0 and Insight Earth 3.0, feature technological advancements, improved workflow integration and greater ease-of-use to help oil and gas companies better understand and characterize the Earth’s subsurface. New functionalities also enable users to assimilate and understand complex information for quick, accurate decisions.

Jason 9.0 has a new Anisotropic Inversion tool for analyzing anisotropy for effective well design and optimum production. The relationship between elastic dependence and anisotropy allows Quantitative Interpretation teams to more accurately characterize reservoirs that have significant anisotropy. Teams can realize the full potential of azimuthal seismic data and take advantage of the reservoir information to define optimum reservoir drilling locations.

A new integrated platform enables the sharing of well, seismic and geostatistically-derived lithology information across the GeoSoftware Seismic to Simulation (STS) workflow. Well-based petrophysical evaluations of a reservoir’s lithology can be compared to and integrated with equivalent seismically or geostatistically-derived lithology interpretations. This dramatically reduces the time asset teams spend on data and project management tasks. Changes made in one application are instantly shared in others.

Hampson-Russell 10.0 has a new GeoSI tool for geostatistical inversion that helps deliver lithology and other rock property volumes for a better understanding of your reservoir. The new RockSI tool helps users explore the link between rock properties and seismic data for quantitative interpretation.

Within Insight Earth 3.0, CGG GeoSoftware has introduced dip-guided auto-tracking so users can track horizons, faults, salt, canyons and other geological features in 2D, 3D, and curtain slice tracking modes using estimates of dip to properly constrain elements that define the feature. New tight, interactive ‘stopping conditions’ enable the user to impart their geological knowledge on the interpretation and maintain control to produce the most accurate subsurface interpretation possible in the shortest project timeframe. Complex geologic settings can be interpreted with one auto-tracker.

Petroleum software technology continues to evolve and take advantage of High-Performance Computing, new advanced algorithms and deeper integration across the geosciences. These advances have significantly reduced the economic and environmental risks associated with drilling, and deliver considerable improvements in targeting prospects and successfully developing fields.

Oil companies can now substantially enhance their understanding of reservoir properties, make better well location decisions and improve the quality and predictive nature of their reservoir models through integrated reservoir characterization, petrophysical interpretation and reservoir modeling workflows.
Work smarter with the GeoSoftware portfolio.

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