Shell Lubricants Global lecture Series-Flash back 2014 event

Shell Lubricants Third global lecture series
Shell Lubricants Third global lecture series

Today we shall cast our mind back to the last version of the Shell Lubricants Global lecture series  IIT Madras in 2014. yesterday we reported the 4th Shell Lubricants global lecture series which was in association with IIM Bangalore to discuss future energy shifts in Industry and transport with experts across the industry

About the Shell Lubricants Global Lecture series

The recurring theme for the Global Lecture Series is the energy challenge and co-engineering in lubrication to improve fuel efficiency.
The inaugural lecture of the Shell Lubricants Global Lecture Series was given by Dr. Selda Gunsel and Professor Gordon Murray at Imperial College, London in November 2012.
The lecture at Tsinghua University, Beijing was held in October 2013. This was after the research and development partnership announced by Shell in 2011 with the State Key Laboratory of Tribology in Tsinghua University. The partnership focuses on work to deepen the understanding of lubrication on textured surfaces.

The 3rd Shell lubricants global lecture series 2014

Shell brought together automotive industry experts at the third edition of the Shell Lubricants Technology Lecture on the 3rd of March 2014 in India at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Chennai. Here speakers emphasised cross-industry co-engineering as the fastest route to optimising fuel efficiency in lubricants for vehicles. The event was attended by leading automotive and engineering experts in India as well as IIT Madras faculty and students.

Dr. Selda Gunsel, Vice President of Shell Global Commercial Technology and one of the speakers at the event said, “At Shell, we believe lubricants – alongside new fuel and engine technologies – have a unique and vital role to play in meeting the global energy challenge.

Our research shows that fuel economy can be improved by using the most suitable quality lubricant for an engine, and that even higher savings can be achieved when the lubricants provider and the automotive original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, work together to develop bespoke products for a particular vehicle. This involves long-term co-engineering projects within the industry.”

Co-engineering was further reinforced by Professor Gordon Murray, renowned Formula One and McLaren designer as well as the Chief Executive Officer and Technical Director for Gordon Murray Designs (GMD): “At GMD we are developing innovative cars that challenge every aspect of car design concepts, including lubrication. A lubricant is a vital engine component that has more potential than most for improving a vehicle’s fuel economy and cutting its CO2 emissions. That is why we have been working closely with Shell as technical partners since 2010. We share the same drive for fuel efficiency and innovation in an energy challenged world.”


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