Lubricants an important element in the larger picture of Energy efficiency -Shell Lubricants

News, News Delhi India, 10th August 2016

Shell lubricants global lecture series
Shell lubricants global lecture series

The Online reports, Shell Lubricants hosted the 4th global lecture series in association with IIM Bangalore to discuss future energy shifts in Industry and transport with experts across the industry

The first three lectures of the series were held at Imperial College, London; Tsinghua University, Beijing and IIT Madras.

Themed, ‘Preparing you for the Future Energy shifts in Industry & Transport,’ the lecture saw a panel of industry experts discussing the energy challenges and their technological counter-measures. The discussions emphasized on the importance of technological collaboration while chalking out solutions for the energy challenges and adapting a cohesive approach towards the development of new grade technologies and equipment

“The Shell Lubricants Global Lecture Series is a unique platform to collaborate across industry and academia; it is an initiative driven by our core philosophy of innovation and collaboration,” said Nitin Prasad, Managing Director, Shell Lubricants India. “We believe that the right set of lubricants, can not only bring efficiency to an industrial unit but in due course of time, to an entire industry.”

The event was attended by experts from automotive, power, construction, mining and manufacturing industry in India like P. Panda, Sr. Vice President (Product Development), Maruti Suzuki India; K.K. Gandhi, executive director (Technical), Society of Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM); Rajendra Petkar, head – Power Systems Engineering, Tata Motors; along with IIM Bangalore faculty and students.

“The need for judicious use of energy resources and maximisation of fuel economy across application streams is the need of the hour,” said Felix Guerzoni, Global Product Application Specialist, Shell Global Solutions. “Lubricants are an important element in the larger picture of energy efficiency. Keeping this in mind, at Shell, we give complete consideration to the energy scenarios and carefully design our lubricants.”

On the technological aspect, Akhil Jha, Vice President – Technical, Shell Lubricants India said, “The global energy scenario today is influenced by multiple factors, both technological and non-technological. Some of these issues are product & hardware technologies, application & process engineering, rapidly increasing demand & shrinking supply base of conventional sources of energy.

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