Hurray! July 2022 was a month of jubilation as LubeMax lubricant distributed by Epoxy Oilserv was certified by the Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme that permits quality products to be sold into the Nigeria market(MANCAP) By the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) and can be introduced to the Nigerian market.

In an interview, the General Manager, Mr. Gbenga Akomolafe, said,

 “our lubemax are deemed compliant having passed production process and conform to the Nigerian Industrial Standards and the nationally approved code of practice.” 

The LubeMax product family offers innovative, multi-functional fluids that go above and beyond the strictest requirements of the current marketplace. The range includes heavy-duty and automotive engine oils, gear lubricants, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, industrial and functional oils, greases, antifreeze and coolants, washer fluid, and a selection of chemicals. With premium virgin-based oils and protective inhibitors, you get an extended oil change and engine life in mobile applications and improved productivity in the workplace, even in the most extreme environment.

One of the main benefits of LubeMax lubricants is their unlimited blending and formulation capability, which allows us to meet almost every unique specification required in the industry.

About LubeMax

LubeMax stands for robust, reliable, high-quality products tailored to suit the requirements of the on- and off-road heavy-duty, automotive and industrial markets. Our solutions span from trendsetting retail Lubemax lubricants through small-batch custom formulations to large bulk orders ready for immediate delivery.

 Our Lubricants are designed to handle the most extreme climates and operating conditions. The LubeMax products protect and extend the life of your equipment, optimize performance and improve productivity while meeting and exceeding industry standards and specifications.

At LubeMax, we pride ourselves in manufacturing globally certified products ranging from packaged and bulk oils to industrial lubricants and chemicals. Our family of products comes in a range of package sizes, from trendsetting retail lubricants to a complete selection of tote and bulk oils for immediate delivery. The LubeMax Brand collection includes various customized formulations for most applications in any climate and condition.

As a world-class brand, LubeMax is dedicated to quality and performance – bringing solutions to a broad range of industries and applications. From our passenger car consumers to the LubeMax industrial users, our goal is to provide a lubricating product that performs flawlessly, even in extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s LubeMax virgin-based blends or our advanced synthetic technology, you can expect outstanding engine performance and the satisfaction of optimum efficiency.

About Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited

Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria is a leading producer of protective coating products, industrial Lubricants, and cleaning and maintenance chemicals within the Nigerian market. Our products are used in the oil, Construction, and manufacturing industries and for other Industrial applications.

 Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria has been in the business of production and product supply in Nigeria since 2006. Our ultra-modern factory is situated in Port Harcourt (an ongoing factory in the industrial area of Ogun State) with branches in Nigeria’s major cities to make our products accessible to our clients.

Our commitment to our distributors continues to lie in offering excellent services, sustained innovative products, certified quality, Professional business support, competitive rates, and prices. We are known for quality, as many of our clients and existing distributors can testify to this. All our products are in direct compliance with the existing International Standards.

Searching for a company that has made product quality assurance their hallmark and bringing that benefit to clients” doorsteps anywhere in the world, contact or call 08053390168/08053390161.

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