Where to Buy Demineralized, Deionized ​​and Distilled Water in Nigeria​

demineralized, deionized and distilled water in Nigeria

Are you thinking of buying quality demineralized, Deionized and distilled water in Nigeria? look no further, you can buy Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited partnered with GZ Industrial Supplies to sell products in their industrial supplies online shop also known as (AKA) GZ INDUSTRIAL MEGASTORE, We are capable of meeting your treated water requirements.

Product quality Assurance;

Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria limited is the industry-leading producer of demineralized deionized, and distilled water for industrial applications in Nigeria, Our Ultra-modern plant is capable of producing 15,000 liters of treated water per hour and managed by the industry-leading team. Quality is our watchword, all our processes and procedures are in direct compliance to international standards.

We have warehouses for product storage across major cities within the country with well-oragnized distribution channels to get our products to clients. Our products are used for several industrial applications and listed below are some of the industrial applications for our popular brand EPOCHEM demineralized, deionized and distilled water.

Demineralized, deionized, and distilled water share one thing in common in that they are all types of purified water, meaning that they have undergone some treatment process to remove impurities and make the treated water suitable for given industrial applications. While they are of similarly high quality, the distinction between the three lies in their treatment process, production and applications.

Applications of demineralized, deionised and distilled water

Demineralised wateris specially purified water that is completely free or had most of its mineral removed. Demineralisation is essentially removing all the minerals that can be found in natural water. This process is usually done when the water will be used for chemical processes and the minerals present may interfere with the other chemicals. All chemist and beauty products have to be made with demineralised water for this reason.

Deionized water is a type of water where all the ions are completely removed, and it has no charge. It is free from all charged atoms or molecules (ions). All the cations and anions present as contaminants in the water has been removed thereby increasing the ionic purity and electrical resistance of the water. Ion exchange resins are used to exchange non-desirable cations and anions with hydrogen and hydroxyl respectively forming pure water (H20), which is not an ion. Deionization does not remove molecular species (e.g. sugar) or uncharged organic particles (most bacteria, viruses).

Deionized water can be created by taking conventional water and letting it exposed to electrically charged resins that will bind and attract to salts, and remove them from the water. The purity of deionized water depends on the source water. Deionized water is used when a soft solvent is needed.  Other applications of demineralised and deionized water are:

  • High pressure boiler feed
  • Laser cutting
  • Stream irons and any other stream applications
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Industrial uses for engineering and scientific purposes
  • Can be used by computer chip manufacturers and other microelectronics
  • Automotive uses such as lead acid batteries and cooling systems
  • Aquariums
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Cooling applications where it is important to avoid depositing minerals
  • Many chemistry experiment involving ionic compounds
  • Washing glassware especially the final rinse
  • Solvent preparation
  • Deionized water is not used in situations involving long term contact with metals
  • Calibration standards.

Distilled wateris a type of water that is purified using distillation. The source water for distillation could be tap water, but spring water is used most often. Usually, the water is boiled and the steam is collected and condensed toyield distilled water.

Most minerals and certain other impurities are left behind, but the purity of the source water is important because some impurities (e.g., volatile organics, mercury) will vaporize along with the water. Distillation removes salts and particulates.

Applications of distilled water: 

  • Distilled water is the best water to use in canning fruits and vegetables. Aside from the fact that it keeps fruits and vegetables in top shape by maintaining their colour and taste. It also prevents build up and cloudiness that usually happens when any other water is used.
  • Distilled water is perfect for making soaps because it has no chemicals that might only decrease the effectiveness of the soap.
  • Distilled water is safe to use in cooling down engines and cleaning since it is free of compounds.
  • Cosmetic companies use distilled water in their products to ensure that there are no unwanted contaminants within them.
  • Solvent to prepare a solution-In order to achieve an accurate result in experiments, distilled water is often used as it does not contain any minerals or contaminants that may affect the experiment outcome.
  • Analytical blank
  • Calibration standard and equipment sterilization.

Distilled water is preferable when cleaning medical tools which are used for medical procedures, performed on patients because it does not contain minerals that can cause spotting. 

Demineralized water, distilled and deionized water are very essential in several industries as listed above.  You can shop online GZ INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES for all your industrial materials, tools etc and feel free to connect with us on www.epoxyoil.com  for more details.

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