Press Release: GZ Industrial Suppliers now the Distributor for INGCO Tools in Nigeria

GZ Industrial Suppliers now the Distributor for Ingco Tools in Nigeria

GZ Industrial Supplies Limited is now the distributor of INGCO power tools accessories, and Equipment in Nigeria. INGCO is a world-renowned brand and one of the fastest growing premium brand when it comes to Industrial power tools and equipment.

Ms. Nneka Ukaejiofo, power tools, and accessories specialist and Resource Analyst of GZ Industrial Supplies Limited, confirmed how strategic this move is in a statement.

“This is a very strategic step for our company GZ Industrial Supplies Limited, as one of the largest distributors of power tools and accessories in Nigeria. Being a distributor to INGCO is in the best interest of our B2B customers, artisans in the various building, constructing and manufacturing fields who will be so excited with this news. The demand for these tools and accessories is much and we are up to it. INGCO represents quality and value at a reduced price”

INGCO, a world-renowned brand in power tools and accessories

INGCO is a world-renowned brand in power tools and accessories. The world-class INGCO products are manufactured at the state-of-the-art. The products are known for their top quality which refers to not only function, usability, and appearance, but also efficiency, performance, maintainability and most importantly, the affordability. The award-winning INGCO products have been designed with great attention to every detail, making the brand and its tools stand out.

INGCO pay more attention to details and invest in high-quality components combined with an obsession to design the best power tool in the world that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. They stand their ground against the major tool brands in the world.

Benefits of INGCO Products

Affordability/High quality: INGCO products are affordable with outstanding after sales service. It provides a comprehensive range of high quality, well manufactured economically priced power tools, power tool accessories, power source and generation equipment, garden equipment, hand tools and measuring tools applicable to the DIY enthusiast as well as contractors and professionals. For example, the INGCO cordless drill has high precision metal gears with high-quality lubricating oil which decreases friction and increases power and performance. There is also an LED lamp on the front of the drill to light the workplace. The motor on the INGCO cordless drill is also high technology. It is a compact two-speed gearbox design and the motor uses high-quality copper which makes it powerful, efficient and long-lasting. It has an agile electric brake which makes starting the motor very precise. All INGCO products can be purchased in our online shop at

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