What is the Best Inverter Welding Machine Brand in Nigeria

What is the Best Inverter Welding Machine Brand in Nigeria

Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited is the foremost supplier of welding materials in Nigeria, we have more than 30 years experience in welding supplies. hence we have the authority to write about welders applications and advice on quality and the Best Inverter Welding Machine Brand in Nigeria for our customers

Technology stayed pretty much the same until the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s to 1800s. At this time, forge welding technology was developed which uses heated metal to join two pieces together. This was similar to the familiar blacksmith shop. And at the beginning of the 19th century, acetylene was discovered, providing a controllable source of heat for welding. Modern welding didn’t start until the widespread availability of electricity at the start of the 20th century.

And from the 20th century till date, the manufacturing and production of various brands of welding machines especially the inverter welding machine have been overwhelming, progress with us on this content as we highlight the best inverter welding machine in Nigeria 2021 review.

What is a welding machine?

Welding machines or ‘welders’ as they are popularly known are electrical devices that generate heat with the help of an electric current that melts metal parts so that these parts can be joined together. Traditionally, welding machines work by creating an electric arc between a metal stick or electrode and a base material to melt the metals at the point of contact.

What is an inverter welder?

An inverter welder is a relatively new and innovative type of welder that has a host of advantages when compared with the conventional welders that most of us are accustomed to. Inverter welders use sophisticated silicon-based technology as compared with heavy copper/aluminum transformers and rectifiers seen in traditional welders.

If you want to buy an inverter welder then please read inverter welders reviews first. Because reading the review will help you in taking buying decision.

There are many places where you can read reviews on products. You can read reviews on product at GZ Industrial supplies website or Tikweld.com as well. Just check for the product review below the product description if you are browsing through gz-supplies.com. You can also read reviews in various forums and blogs.

There are many top brands that make inverter welders, DC/AC welding machines. These brands are Amico, Lincoln Electric, Super Deal, Klutch and many others.

The main purpose of writing this ‘inverters welders reviews’ is let you know the important facts about the welding machines you are going to buy. I will suggest buying an inverter welder from Lincoln Electric because it makes durable and high grade welders.

In simple terms, an inverter is an electronic system for voltage regulation. In the case of an inverter welding machine, it converts AC power supply into a lower usable output voltage – for example, from 240V AC supply to 20V DC output.  Whether you need a stick, MIG or TIG welding, a single machine can be calibrated to a range of welding styles. They can also weld a variety of metals including stainless steel and carbon steel.          

Inverter-based devices use a series of electronic components to convert the power – in contrast to conventional transformer-based devices which depend primarily on a single large transformer to regulate the voltage.

An inverter works by increasing the frequency of the primary power supply from 50Hz up to 20,000 – 100,000Hz. This is done through the use of electronic switches which turn the power on and off extremely quickly (up to 1 millionth of a second). By controlling the power supply in this way, before it enters the transformer, the transformer size can be very significantly reduced. Inverter welders are by far a better option for users everywhere in Nigeria.

What is IGBT Inverter Technology?

The acronym IGBT stands for “Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors”. These are high-speed switching devices used in all Weldclass Inverter welding machines which facilitate voltage regulation.

Some inverter machines use older MOSFET technology/transistors. IGBT technology offers significant advantages over MOSFETs – perhaps the most important advantage is that IGBTs are less vulnerable to mains and generator power fluctuations making them much more reliable and less prone to damage or failure.

How Inverter Welders Work

An inverter welder is a relatively new and innovative type of welder and by far more sophisticated and generally more efficient. Like all inverter-based systems, inverter welding machines work as ‘rectifiers’ and then as inverters. First, they rectify the AC power from the mains to DC. Second, they switch or invert the DC power through a step down transformer to produce the desired welding voltage or current.

The most important feature in inverter welders is a high-power semiconductor known as the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). These transistors in an inverter-based machine are controlled by microcontrollers so that the electrical characteristics of the welding power can be changed by software in real-time, even on a cycle by cycle basis, rather than slowly over hundreds if not thousands of cycles. This gives inverter welders a high switching frequency, up to 10kHz or higher.

What are the benefits of using Inverter Welders?

Inverter-based products offer many advantages over conventional transformer-based devices:

  • Weight and Size: This is the most significant and impressive advantage an inverter welder has over conventional machines. For example, an inverter weighing less than 5kg, smaller than a suitcase and able to be comfortably slung over your shoulder, can have a comparable output capacity to a 50kg transformer-based machine.
  • Efficiency: Quality inverter machines, such as the Weldforce inverter welder range, will have an efficiency rating of about 80-90% while conventional welders have a significantly lower efficiency of about 50%. This is due to the fact that the larger transformers in conventional machines have greater resistance and therefore lose a significant amount of power (or energy) through heat dissipation.
  • Use of Generator Power: Being very efficient means that using generator power is much more viable with inverter welders, which can be operated on smaller portable generator sets – something that is often not possible with traditional transformer machines. It should be noted that there are risks involved with using generator power.
  • Duty Cycle: Generally much higher duty cycles are achievable with inverter-based machines, again due to the difference in transformer size. Although the smaller components in an inverter machine heat up quickly, they can be cooled much easier and faster. In conventional “transformer” welders, however, the components are much bigger and therefore tend to store heat and take longer to cool.
  • DC Output: Many conventional “transformer” MMA (stick) welders only have AC output, which means they are limited in the types of electrodes they can weld with. However, with inverter-based machines the current is much more easily rectified into DC which means they are able to weld a wide range of different welding electrodes. It also means that some MMA (stick) inverters are also suitable for DC TIG welding, which is not possible with conventional AC machines.
  • Performance: The performance of quality inverter-based welders is substantially superior to that of conventional welders. This is especially noticeable with MMA (stick) welding where operators find that welding is far easier and they do not have to ‘fight’ the arc. This is mainly due to the ability of inverter machines to have higher open circuit voltages and incorporate features such as Hot Start, Anti-Stick and  Arc-Force. A prime example of this is welding of thin materials: using a conventional stick welder this is notoriously difficult if not impossible, but with inverter machines like the weldforce range which have infinite amperage adjustment and a very stable arc, the output can be turned down very low so that it will weld say 1.6mm sheet metal or tube section with relative ease and control.
  • Functions: The electronics of inverter machines lend themselves much more easily to the ability to incorporate additional functions (such as TIG mode) and to make existing functions more controllable.

what is the best Inverter Welding Machine brand in Nigeria

With the increase in demand for inverter welding machines, different companies around the world have come up with different brands(Askaynak, Maxmech, Lincoln, Ingco, Kaierda, Kilmak, Mercury, Miller, Powerflex, Esab, etc) to satisfy consumer needs. And the best distributors of inverter welding machines in Nigeria are GZ Industrial supplies, Tikweld welding supplies and Hellog energy.

Join us here at GZ Industrial supplies as we highlight the best welding machines in Nigeria. In no particular order;


GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Ingco tools and equipment in Nigeria. We have partnered with one of the best brands(INGCO) in the world because we have come to the realization that Ingco is devoted to making professional quality tools affordable and  Ingco believes that top quality refers to not only function, usability and appearance, but also efficiency, performance, and maintainability. 

Inverter MMA Welding Machine INGCO-MMA1606

Our Inverter MMA Welding Machine INGCO-MMA1606 is very portable and strong. 

Product Specifications of Inverter MMA Welding Machine INGCO-MMA1606
  • IGBT Inverter technology
  • Input voltage(V):220-240
  • Frequency(HZ):50/60
  • Rated input capacity(KVA):6.3
  • No load voltage(V):85
  • Output current(A):10-160
  • Max output current(A):160
  • Duty cycle(%):160A@60%
  • Electrode size(mm):ø1.6-4.0
  • 1pcs electrode holder with cable
  • 1pcs earth clamp with cable
  • 1pcs wire brush,1pcs helmet
  • Net weight(Kg): 3.7
  • Packed by color box


GZ Industrial supplies a large stock of Askaynak welding consumables.

Askaynak Electrical welding machine Inverter 185 Super

Our Askaynak Electrical welding machine inverter 185 is a heavy duty electrical welding machine.

Features of Askaynak Electrical welding machine Inverter 185 Super

  • You will be able to achieve seamless welding seams, thanks to uninterrupted welding with 2.5 and 3.25 mm diameter rutile and especially basic electrodes on unalloyed, low alloyed and stainless steel materials.
  • Inverter 185-Super does not contaminate the mains since it does not produce noise emission and in terms of electromagnetic it does not interfere with other machines and measurement devices located in the environment. In addition; since it is not affected by mains hums or electromagnetic fields of other equipment operating nearby, no performance loss occurs during the welding process.
  • While 16×25 mm small welding sockets are being used for many inverter type portable welding machines within the market, 35×50 mm long-lasting and high-strength CE certified welding sockets are used in Askaynak Inverter 185-Super.
  • Now cutting under harsh conditions will not be a problem for you and for your machine.
  • 220V-1Ph input voltage and maximum output current of 155 A provide a continuous welding with electrodes in diameters of 2.5 and 3.2 mm.
  • You will have all advantages and guarantees offered by CE certificate and regulations regarding LVD and EMC specified in EN 60974-1 and EN 60974-10 standards.

MAXMECH welding machine

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of MAXMECH INVERTER WELDING MACHINE in Nigeria. 

Maxmech Inverter Welding Machine MMA – 200

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of MAXMECH INVERTER WELDING MACHINE in Nigeria. Our DC IGBT Inverter welding machine Single PCB has all the adjustable parameters needed for the TIG welding process and therefore suitable for a variety of workpieces and its welding parameters are easily identified with matching graphics making operation easy and straightforward. It also has full digital design and it is a highly integrated circuit, greatly reducing interruption and failure rate. 

Features of Maxmech Inverter Welding Machine MMA – 200

  • Advance IGBT Technology 
  • Easy-carry , Strong Output, Energy-Saving
  • Current displayer, Hot start, anti-stick, overload protection 
  • Less power attenuation with lengthened output cables .
  • Stable arc burning during the whole welding process 

LINCOLN welding machine

The lincoln welding machine is the global best welding machine brand on earth, however due to costs and influx of cheaper welding welders that can do mostly what lincln welders can do and also have similar quality, Lincoln is not a pocket friendly brand for budget conscious individuals that wants the job done at the minimal costs This machine can be purchased from GZ Industrial Supplies a distributor and supplier of Lincoln Welding Machines in Nigeria.

Inverter welding machine for SMAW (stick welding) 400SX Lincoln

The Inverter welding machine for SMAW (stick welding)  400SX  Lincoln is a robust machine specially built for heavy duty jobs. Our Inverter welding machine for SMAW (stick welding)  400SX  Lincoln is fully featured with a user-friendly control panel and digital display which allows precise setting of welding current.

Features of Inverter welding machine for SMAW (stick welding)  400SX  Lincoln
  • Has a Soft and Crisp mode multiple arc modes for different electrode types.
  • This robust machine is built to handle harsh environmental conditions using Lincoln tunnel technology to separate the PCBs and sensitive parts from contaminating cooling airflow.
  • Comes with an adjustable hot start and arc force that allows a smooth start/restart of the electrode and prevents sticking of the electrode in the weld pool.
Specification of Inverter welding machine for SMAW (stick welding)  400SX  Lincoln
  • INPUT POWER: 400/3/50/60
  • RATED OUTPUT :400A/36V/35% /300A/32V/100%
  • DIMENSIONS (H X W X D): 455 mm x 301 mm x 632 mm
  • NET WEIGHT :37 kg


GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Kaierda quality welding products in Nigeria.

Kaierda Tig Welding machine WS200N

our Kaierda Tig Welding machine WS200N is a multifunctional welder, is also an IGBT inverter welding that is light and portable with high-frequency arc striking, it has high efficiency and energy-saving and all Kaierda welding machines are portable and of great quality.

Features of Kaierda Big welding machine WS 200N

• IGBT inverter technology: small, light, and portable

• Peak current control mode: high reliability of power device

• High-frequency arc striking: the high success of arc striking, stable welding with small current and good welding bead

• Inner-loop control: stable output and well against voltage fluctuations

• High efficiency: energy saving

• Wide scope of application: suitable for j421,j422, acid electrode and J506, J507, basic electrode welding, widely used for nonferrous metal welding including carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper

Technical Specification of  Kaierda Big welding machine WS 200N

  • Welding machine                                              WS-200N
  • Input voltage(V)                                                 1phase,AC220
  • Rated input current(A)                                       24
  • Max effective input current(A)                         14.2
  • Rated input power capacity(KVA)                     5.3
  • O-Load voltage(V)                                                  62
  • Working voltage(V)                                              10.2-16.8
  • Rated duty cycle(%)                                                35%
  • Efficiency(%)                                                           ≥85%
  • COSö                                                                           ≥0.85
  • Insulation class                                                         H
  • Protection degree of enclosure                        IP21S
  • Weight(kg)                                                                7.5
  • Dimension(mm)                                                     350×142×235


Tikweld is the distributor and supplier of Miller products in Nigeria.

Miller Welding machine Gold Star 402 electric welder

Our Miller Welding Machine Gold star 402 has Superior arc welding performance with stick and TIG welding.

This electric welder has a built-in arc control that lets you get in tight without sticking the electrode. An electrode compensation circuit ensures consistent arc control performance regardless of the electrode size, the hot start makes it easy to start difficult stick electrodes such as E6010 and E-7018.

Line voltage compensation ensures consistent weld performance by keeping output power constant, even if primary input power varies by ±10 percent.

The welder is power efficient for exceptional value and returns on your investment., 115 V duplex receptacle provides 15 amps of auxiliary power.

Equipped with thermal overload protection light indicates power shutdown. Helps prevent machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked. 

Applications Please download Technical data sheet here

Heavy Industrial Applications

Steel erection

Pipe welding

Tank/pressure vessel fabrication Maintenance/repair



Refineries, Chemical manufacturing facilities and  Steel manufacturing facilities Foundries 


  • Stick (SMAW)
  • TIG (GTAW)
  • Air carbon arc (CAC-A)
  • cutting and gouging Flux-cored (FCAW) MIG (GMAW)
  • Spray transfer with voltage-sensing wire feeder 


GZ industrial supplies Nigeria have stock of this product in-country across our warehouse in Nigeria.

KilMak Welding machine Fantom 165 Kilmak welder inverter
Features and advantages of this welder inverter
  • -Provides a continuous welding operation with electrodes in diameters of 2,5mm and 3,25mm.
  • -Iron joiners, maintenance and repair shops, plumbers, installers, provide the best coated electrode arc characteristic of the class for welders working outdoors.
  • -IGBT inverter has the smallest size in the classroom with technology.
  • -Amps from a single point adjustment allows precise adjustment of the welding amperage user.
  • -In case of thermal overload protection with indicator light blocking of the machine excess or airflow prevents damage to the machine.
  • -Integrated Hot Start feature allows easy ignition electrode is provided and adhesion is blocked.
  • -Electricity Saving, under load current drawn from the power supply, providing about 35% less than the conventional type of power unit.
  • -Can be used by connecting to the electrical generator.
Technical Specification of Kilmak welding machine phantom 165: 
  • Input Voltage: 220 VAC
  • Ampere Range: 20 – 160
  • Enable stock Ratio: 115 40% 24.6 VDC Duty *, 80 to 23.2 VDC 100% Duty *
  • Max. Input Power: 4.97 KVA
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 62 VDC
  • Dimensions: X: 140 mm H: 240 mm Z: 290 mm
  • Net Weight: 4.8 Kg
  • Accessories: Power Supply, Power Cord 3×2,5mm 3m, 3m 16mm Electrode Clamp, Earth Clamp 2m 35mm Strap


GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of powerflex brand in Nigeria.

Power flex Argon Arc welder Tig welding Machine Tig wsm 315

At GZ industrial supplies we have available Power flex arc welder Tig welding machine Tig200 in large quantities to buy and pick in-store.

Product characteristics and benefit

1. High efficiency. Energy-saving and lightweight.

2. Compact size, lightweight, simple installation, and easy-to-operation.

3. Feature with excellent dynamic characteristics and stable electric arc and good reliability.

4. Able to adjust the thrust and the current can be displayed in digital by presetting it

Application of Powerflex Argon Arc Welder
It can be widely used to weldable carbon steel, stainless, alloy steel and other nonferrous metals.
Products is delivered with these accessories

1. Welding Torch

2. Complete set of welding heads

3. Earth clip

Product Specifications and Details 

  • power source voltage (V)   : 3~380
  • Frequency (Hz)               : 50/60
  • Rated input current (A)   : TIG: 315
  • No-Load Voltage    (V)     : 70
  • Current adjusting range (A)    : 20-315
  • Duty Cycle (%)         : 60
  • Efficiency (%)      : 30-300
  • Rod diameter (cm) :2.5-6


GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Esab welding products in Nigeria, Our Esab warrior 500i Multipurpose Inverter arc welding machine is designed for heavy-duty productivity with up to 500 Amps delivered with superb arc characteristics. Multiple Operator System Racks are available for this product upon request.

Esab warrior 500i Multipurpose Inverter arc welding machine Features
  • Inverter Technology –Warrior brings the outstanding arc performance and energy savings you expect from an inverter. Along with increased energy efficiency and more power from a lighter, smaller, and more portable unit. Warrior provides the simple functionality welders want at a competitive price.
  • High-Duty Cycle -For long runs across a variety of applications and delivers 400 A or 500 A at 60% Duty Cycle.
  • Durable and rugged –IP23 rating for outdoor and indoor use in rough environments.
  • Easy-to-use–Clear and intuitive user interface for everyone to get started quickly. Glove-friendly knobs make adjustments quick and easy.
  • Wide input voltage range to support regional requirements.
 Industrial uses of Esab Warrior 500i Multipurpose inverter arc welder
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • General Manufacturing
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Nuclear
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Ship and Offshore Yards

Welding Process

  • Welding,FCAW – Flux Cored Arc Welding
  • Welding,GMAW (MIG/MAG – Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas)
  • Welding,GTAW (TIG – Tungsten Inert Gas )
  • Welding,SMAW/MMA (Stick)


Power Source Only

Height 18.5 in. (470 mm)
Length 28.1 in. (712 mm)
Width 12.8 in. (325 mm)

Input Voltage

ModelWarrior 500i CV/CC Warrior Feed 304 Power Supply 
Frequency50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 
Voltage380/460/575 V 42 V 

Power Specifications


Current Range(A)     4-500 A 


Current Range(A) 16-500 A 
Efficiency at Maximum Current 89 % 
Energy Save Mode 30 W 
Open Circuit Power W 500 W 
Open Circuit Voltage 54 VAC 
Power Factor at Maximum Current 0.92 
Protection Class IP 23 


Operating Temp -10 to 40 °C (14 to 104 °F)

Power Source Only

Weight 115 lb (52 kg)

Welding Output

Duty Cycle 60 % 
Output Voltage 40 VAC 
Duty Cycle 100 % 
Output Voltage 36 VAC

Frequently asked questions about inverter welders

Is an inverter welding machine good?

Inverter welders are light, versatile and efficient welding machines. Whether you need stick, MIG or TIG welding, a single machine can be calibrated to a range of welding styles. They can also weld a variety of metals including stainless steel and carbon steel. So yes they are good!

What is the advantage of an inverter welder?

Because inverters are more efficient, they can produce a more stable arc. For this reason, inverter welders take the trophy for both efficiency and stability.

Can you weld aluminum with an inverter welder?

The ability to generate AC is what makes inverter power supplies suitable for welding aluminum using GTAW. Because the arc voltage never truly goes through zero, the AC arc is made more stable. … Thus, while most other materials are GTA welded using DC, aluminum usually is welded using AC.

What is the difference between an AC welder and a DC welder?

So what are the main differences between AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) welding? The difference lies in the polarity. DC welding is based on a DC straight polarity current, while AC welding alternates quickly between DC negative and DC positive. The applications of each vary with the material.

How many amps does an inverter welder draw?

At full whack a 200 Amp inverter will pull about 18 – 19 Amps. At half power that will be 9 – 9.5 Amps. 230v x 9.5 = 2185w, or 2.185kw. But at 30% of an hour that is 18 minutes.

When to use 6010 or 7018?

Since 6010/11 are cellulosic electrodes, they’re perfect for root passes (on DC +). It provides excellent penetration. However, 7018 is a basic type electrode and according to AWS, it has better tensile, yield and impact energy. The efficiency is much better and has less spatter on arc.

Having to work with an inverter welding machine is the dream of every welder and GZ Industrial supplies have made available the best brands of inverter welding machines in Nigeria. Contact our experts  for further enquiries on inverter welding machines.

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