Shell Marine Lubricants Increases Marine equipment productivity

Shell Marine Lubricants Increases Marine equipment productivityShell Marine Lubricants Increases Marine equipment productivity

Lubrication in the marine industry plays a very crucial role in engine maintenance, from preventing possible damage or adapt to harsh conditions. All these are needed in order to ensure that both engine and equipment can perform optimally regardless of where and when they operate. due to major role marine lubricants play in the marine industry, it is important for equipment owners or businesses owners to carefully choose the marine oil they are going to use in their operations. Needless to say, their choice of lubricant alone may already make mar efficiency and effectiveness in their operation.

Some of the most trusted and widely used marine lubricants globally are those developed by Shell. What makes this brand special is the fact that their marine lubricants and greases are developed  to address specific issues in marine lubrication. What this means is that Shell has a lubricant to solve a wide array of engine and equipment problems in the industry.

Below are some of the Shell marine lubricants that you may want to check out. All of these have been specifically made to have longer life, thus reducing the need to change oil frequently, and have been designed to improve system efficiency:

Shell Alexia has been developed in answer to the creation of bigger and bulkier container ships that run using engines with super long strokes. These kinds of engine are prone to cold corrosion. To address this problem, Alexia offers an advance triple-action technology which specifically targets smart detergency and acid blocking and neutralization through its variants in the form of the three Shell cylinder oils.
Shell Argina offers a revolutionary way to address stress management. In this way, it can help improve engine performance and reduce over-the-top engine maintenance cost.
Shell Corena protects the engine components from wearing specifically the control vane, screw, cylinder, piston ring and valve even in high temperature and in longer operations.
Shell Gadinia is specially used for severe service main propulsion and auxiliary marine trunk piston engines. This oil is very ideal for cases where oil consumption control is highly needed especially when using modern engines.
Shell Morlina offers consistency and reliability as it offers over the top protection from oxidation and water separation.
Shell Mysella is especially intended for four-stroke engines that are created to burn natural and sour gas. In addition, it offers excellent deposit control, thus ensuring clean and well-maintained engine components.
Shell Omala gives increased protection and extended oil change schedules. For those operators who are looking for improved wear protection and longer oil life, this is definitely the lubricant for them.
Shell Strombus targets specifically the stern tube components and protects it from possible wearing and corrosion. It is very emulsive and is perfect for metal protection even in water.
Shell Spirax is intended for the transmission components and is known to offer extra protection to heavy duty gear, transmissions and axles that are operating in very extreme conditions.
Shell Tellus is used for hydraulic equipment and applications and offers air release filterability and cleanliness and longer pump life.
Shell Turbo is intended for the turbines. Among its very useful features is its ability to drain excess water from the lubrication system, thus reducing risk of damage. Further, it also thwarts onset of rust formation

Whatever your industry, there is a comprehensive range of products and services that are designed to help add value to your operations. Our ultimate-performance synthetic lubricants offer outstanding protection, long lubricant life and system efficiency – benefits which are continuously proven in real-life applications

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