Press Release: Engine Cleaning Becomes Easier As Epoxy Unveils Epochem Engine Cleaner And Degreaser

Epoxy Unveils Epochem 520 Engine Cleaner and Degreaser Best Engine Cleaner in Nigeria

Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited the leading producer and supplier of cleaning and maintenance chemicals unveil Epochem engine cleaner specially formulated to clean tough grease, grime, degreasers and disinfects at the same time, reports PRLOG.

Lead Chemist, Mrs. Roselyn confirmed “The traditional engine cleaner causes rust and allows for metal surfaces to corrode, Epochem Engine Cleaner/ Degreaser increases the engine life of your car, protect against corrosion/rust, scale and, enhance the aesthetic appeal as well.”

EPOCHEM Engine 520 Cleaner

Engine cleaners are substances designed to remove oil and grease from your engines. Specks of dirt on engines are difficult to remove and require the use of something heavy-duty like our Epochem 520. The biggest reason to use a degreaser is so your engine performs better. Grease, dirt, and oil cause the engine to run less efficiently.

Cleaning your engine regularly also keeps mechanical issues at bay. As soon as you notice any dust or petroleum on the motor, it’s advised that you wash it. The nice thing is that anyone can do it; you don’t need to have any sort of car experience to get your engine clean.

The benefits of cleaning your engine far outweigh the potential hazards, first creates an aesthetically pleasing vehicle and makes the engine more manageable to work.

Many detailers will tell you that it’s okay to use water near electrical sensors as long as you’re not drenching them. Personally, we feel better avoiding water altogether because it’s just not worth it to us. Electrical components are expensive to replace being careful is good.

Cleaning Your Engine

Remove any debris. Then cover your air intakes, ignition wires, coils, and sensors.

Remove baked-on dirt. Simply take a wire brush and remove it.

Apply the Epochem Engine Cleaner mixed with an appropriate quantity of water or not and spray down the area.

Allow it to stay for 30 seconds, then use your wire brush and work the degreaser in where needed.

Dry your engine. Once you have scrubbed it in, use a microfiber cloth to remove the cleaner from your engine bay. Examine the area to ensure there’s no pooling near hidden wires or compartments.

Apply a shine and protect product to detail the engine. Spray it onto a microfiber cloth and then rub it in. Don’t spray it on the engine or you might leave behind abrasions.

Buy Nigeria’s best engine cleaner, kindly visit Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited website or call 08053390161, 08053390164, 08053390166.

You can also buy our engine cleaners from GZ Industrial Supplies online shop pay on delivery anywhere in Nigeria. Distributors are also wanted in Nigeria for now.

About Epoxy Oilserv

Epoxy Oilserv is a company with international status operating in Nigeria, West Africa and an offiice in the United States of America, We have office locations in all major Nigeria cities, covering the remaining part of Nigeria with our capable distributors.

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