Press release- Lagos 13th July 2014

Epoxy Oilserv Limited and Distributor of Shell Lubricants in Nigeria now have synthetic lubricants for sale in Nigeria, Epoxy have extensive presence in Major Nigeria cities, with partner distributors also marketing these products in Nigeria, availability of products is continuously assured by the management of Epoxy Oilserv Limited. Your equipment’s life is our priority. Shell Lubricants offer customers peace of mind by providing top quality lubricants that maintain equipment uptime and keep costs down. Shell Lubricants – the world’s leading Lubricant Brand for the 4th year running is distributed in Nigeria by the Epoxy Oilserv team. Using Shell lubricants can help to save you time and money through: ▪ Extended oil drain intervals

Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited

▪ Improved productivity

▪ Reduced oil volumes leading to lower maintenance and fluid costs Reduced down time Automotive engine Oil Shell Helix Ultra (Advanced Technology for modern engines, a fully synthetic motor oil designed to protect sensitive exhaust gas treatment systems).

Shell Helix HX7 (Synthetic Technology motor oil, twice as effective as removing sludge and for extra responsiveness).

Shell Helix HX5 is a premium multi grade motor oil, cleans and protects, reducing engine noise, prevents sludge build up.

Shell Helix HX3, is a mono grade motor oil, removes dirt Deposit and protects older engines Range of industrial Lubricant products.

Shell Engine Oil (Rimula Oils, Shell Gardinia Oils).

Heavy Fuel Engines/Marine (Shell Argina Oils, Alexia Oils).

Natural gas Engines (Shell Mysella Oils).

Hydraulic oils (Shell Tellus Oils).

Shell Gear Oils (Shell Omala Oils).

Shell Compressor Oils (Shell Corena P, Shell COrena s, Shell Corena AP) .

Shell Premuim Grease (Gadus s2V etc) Shell Gadus S2 V220AC and Shell Gadus S2 A320 [previously Shell Alvania HD and Shell Rhodina EP(LF), respectively] are extreme-pressure, multi-purpose greases used for industrial and marine applications that require lubrication of plain bearings working under arduous conditions in the presence of water.

Shell Lubricants and grease can be purchased directly from Epoxy Oilserv call +234 8053390165, +234 8053390164, +234 8053390168