Epoxy Flooring For Sports Court

Epoxy flooring for sports court

Epoxy Flooring is made by technologically advanced processing equipment after solidifying at a time. Regular structure and unified solidification make such product free from influence by environment and climate so as to ensure excellent and stable physical and chemical properties.

Science of Epoxy flooring for sports courts

Sport Court surfaces are specially designed for multi-use, ideal for athletes and the community. Build a new court, renovate an existing space, or set up portable courts for a tournament or event. Every Sport Court’s indoor or outdoor play surface is designed to protect and keep the athletes safe which allows for year-round sports activity and eliminates costly annual maintenance. Athletes of all skill levels will benefit from getting off the hard courts.

EPOCHEM flooring system has strong wear resistance and pressure resistance and can meet the need of various schools or stadiums for long-time frequent use. The design possibilities are endless since we can add custom graphics to the sports court. Our customers have requested their high school or college mascots, personal monograms, inspirational quotes, and even their last names are engraved on the floor. We can add a basketball player silhouette, customized lines, and artwork to any sports court. We can design your court exactly how you want it, even making it a tribute to your favorite team!

Our Epoxy Flooring For Sports Court have been specifically designed to be used indoor and outdoor as flooring for basketball courts, tennis courts, roller hockey rinks, and many other sport floor surfaces. In fact, you can play just about anything you want on these floors and can be easily painted or taped to create the sport floor of choice.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring For Sports Court

Maintain high quality in any season or under any temperature, it has a longer service time and higher field utilization rate, and keeps its vivid color for quite a long period.

Suitable for all weathers as well as elasticity and resilience, and can reduce the consumption of physical force and improve game results. Designed to cover outdated concrete or asphalt surfaces, transforming them into colourful play surfaces in the blink of an eye.

Absorbs the impact forces of feet, reduce sports injury, and suit to both long-term exercises and games.

The floors in sports court are designed to achieve the utmost comfort and protection and to transform the energy of each participant and therefore allow better performance and satisfaction during healthy exercises.


All of our Epoxy flooring for sports court flooring is designed with EPOCHEM flooring materials, and is impact resistant, chemical resistant, and holds color without fading allowing players more comfort when making jump shots, running, and performing other quick moves that can be hard on the joints.

Are you planning to install Epoxy Flooring on Sports Court or need ideas?  Call +234 8060907072, sales@epoxyoil.com (24hours)You can also purchase at Gz industrial supplies limited today, we have experts who have the skill and knowledge to supply our customers with an extensive array of Epoxy Flooring on Sports Court.

EPOCHEM Epoxy flooring system work for both indoor and outdoor sports courts using a three-step process to maximize durability. You can add your team graphics or custom logos to customize your Sports Court. 

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