What Chemicals Remove Dirt and Grime

What Chemicals Remove Dirt and Grime


Chemicals were made and used throughout history. However, Chemicals have been manufactured for thousands of years. The history of the chemical industry can be traced back to ancient times when alkali and limestone were combined to make glass, and sulfur and saltpetre became an explosive that is similar to modern gunpowder. The birth of heavy chemical industries (production of chemicals in large quantities for a variety of uses) coincided with the beginning of the industrial revolution. Today’s chemical production enhances many frontiers.

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What are chemicals

Characteristics of Chemicals

What is Dirt?

What is Grime?

Difference between Dirt and Grime

Chemicals that Removes Dirt and Grime

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are chemicals?

Chemicals are substances with specific molecular composition. It could be in the form of gas, liquid or solid. It can also be in simple or complex form and they can be in the form of element, compound and mixtures.

Chemicals as they are in different forms can also be used for different purposes. Chemicals are useful as they can be harmful if safety measures are not properly adhered to.

Characteristics Of Chemicals

A chemical property is a characteristic of a particular substance that can be observed in a chemical reaction. Some major chemical properties include flammability, toxicity, heat of combustion, pH value, rate of radioactive decay, and chemical stability.

Flammability: flammable substances will ignite and continue to burn in air if exposed to a source of ignition. Some chemicals are flammable in nature; therefore, it is important to know the right cleaning chemical to buy and follow safety rules.

Toxicity: This is the degree to which chemical substance can damage an organism.  Any chemical that causes harm to humans or animals is regarded as a toxic substance. Toxic chemicals can cause harm to humans and organisms if precautionary measures are not put in place or adhered to when using the chemical.

Heat of combustion: The heating value of a substance, usually fuel or food is the amount of heat released during the combustion of a specified amount of it.

What is Dirt?

Dirt is an unclean matter. It’s a substance that when in contact with, especially with a person’s cloth, skin or possessions makes them dirty. In such cases, they are said to become dirty. Dirt’s include; dust, filth, grime and soil.

Dust: This is an organic powder or mineral matter lying on the ground, surface or carried on air. Dust can become extreme due to climate change and desertification.

Filth: This is foul or disgusting dirt. Filth are disgustingly offensive, gabage etc.

Grime: This is accumulated prolonged dirt on a surface.

Soil: This is a portion of the earth’s surface consisting of disintegrated rock and humus.

There are three(3) main types of dirt, they are

Loose soil: More than half of the dirt we combat in buildings is the loose soil which can easily be dealt with so long it does not become wet or contaminated with oil. As estimated 80 percent of the dirt in a building is loose soil which is mostly tracked on people’s feet.

Atmospheric soil: This is also known as airborne soil. It is caused by pollution, auto fumes, and cigarettes smoking. It is an oily carbon based soil that clings to to surfaces and is more difficult to remove. When it comes in contact with moisture and sunlight, it can form harmful chemicals that will attack surfaces in the building.

Spills: This can be anything from morning coffee, workman’s shoes tracking in oil stains. Spills need quick attention so as to keep them from attacking your floor’s finish coat as extended exposure will damage the surface and require more effort to remove.

What is Grime?

This is dirt ingrained on the surface of something. Grimes are dirt that have been left too long without cleaning. Grimes are thick, prolonged accumulated dirt resting on a surface. They can mostly be seen on toilet walls or bathtubs as caused by soapy or foamy etc.

Difference Between Dirt and Grime

Though similar to dirt, grime is nastier. Dirt can be found on anything – car, clothing, the floor, anything, and it can be cleaned easily. But grime is thicker, nastier dirt and it makes one feel unwell/irritated when seen. Grime cannot be simply washed or wiped away. Grimes are dirt that have been left unattended to for a long time, and this makes it difficult to remove. Therefore, it is necessary to get a good chemical if you want to have grimes cleaned with ease.

Our Epochem chemicals have been designed not just to clean dirt but grime also.

What Chemicals Removes Dirt And Grime

There are lots of chemicals made for the purpose of removing dirt and grime, it is important to know that each chemical functions differently from others.

There are Epochem chemicals that have been designed to remove dirt and grime. They include;

1.     Acetone Cleaner: A number of solvents can be used to remove grime off parts and for general cleaning. Acetone is a colorless, flammable liquid that can be mixed with water. Acetone is considered to be a solvent as it can be used for general cleaning and heavy degreasing. Solvents are compounds that have the ability to dissolve grease, paints or organic substances from metals, plastic and gas surfaces.

Acetone benefits include;

1.     It is cost effective.

2.     It has a low toxicity.

3.     It is safe to use.

4.     It is easy to obtain.

2.     Heavy Duty Degreaser: It is a versatile product having numerous applications. They are powerful degreasers and surfactants formulated to effectively remove grease, dirt and grime. The heavy duty degreaser easily scrubs away grease, dirt’s, grimy build up and baked on particles on stainless steels such as pots, oven, dishes, grills, tools, and yard equipment. The heavy duty degreaser is professionally formulated to quickly clean out grease, dirt and grime in kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, appliances, cabinets etc. 

Many industrial tools, kitchen equipment are filled with layers of grime, grease that can’t be easily removed with ordinary soap and detergents. The constant accumulation of dirt, grime and grease deteriorates the efficiency of these equipment and tools.  

Heavy duty degreasers are ultra-modern grease-cutting agents used for industrial cleaning in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. These cleaning chemicals have either acidic or alkaline properties that help cut and remove grease from different industrial surfaces, which can be difficult to clean with an ordinary detergent or soap. Their benefits include;

  1. Deep Cleaning

Heavy duty degreasers are effective cleaning solutions, which, when applied on different surfaces containing grease stains, react with grease particles chemically and produce a deep cleaning effect.

Our Epochem 502 heavy duty degreaser quickly dissolves organic soils, and all forms of grease, fatty oils, and oily dirts in various applications. . When using our epochem heavy duty degreasers, you’ll achieve a deep cleansing of your valuable equipment without having to use much force to scrub the area.

Our epochem degreaser can be used for;

Diesel and petrol engines and engine rooms

Industrial warehouses, decks, platforms

Degas tanks, barge compartments and petroleum based drilling muds

compressor and Gas engine exteriors

Grease traps and machine parts

Tools and workbenches.

2. Cost-effective

The Epochem 502 heavy duty degreasers are highly affordable and can be purchased in bulk to clean different parts of a manufacturing unit. These cleaning agents can achieve very fast cleaning results, which is how they save money for their industrial and household users.

Much of the cost-effectiveness of industrial degreasers is due to the fact that you don’t have to repeatedly utilize your significant resources as a single clean-up is enough to provide you with an excellent cleaning outcome.

3. Effortless Application

You can apply our Epochem 502 heavy duty degreasers on a variety of surfaces and equipment using spray guns. You can also dilute them in a bucket containing water and then use the mixture to rinse the contaminated parts and areas that require cleaning. The Epochem heavy duty degreaser is eco-friendly by composition. This means that you won’t need any special protective gear while applying this cleaning agent to your machinery.

3. Epochem – 540 Safety Solvent Degreaser

A solvent cleaner and degreaser that has no flashpoint. Highly recommended for cleaning electrical equipment where moisture or water is intolerable. The product dissolves grease, oil, and grime faster and better than petroleum solvents, increasing speed and efficiency of cold cleaning. Its non-flammable property makes it an ideal replacement for petroleum-based flammable products. It is safely used in the industries of electrical engineering and electronics, automotive, aviation, shipping, business equipment, printing, plastics, etc.

4. Epochem 530 Standard Solvent Degreaser

The Epochem 530 Standard Solvent Degreaser is a  blend of solvents that will attack and dissolve grease, oil, tar, and insoluble matter generally encountered in industrial and marine environments. It evaporates slowly leaving a clean, dry surface following the application. The product is used to clean equipment, parts during manufacturing, tools, engines, machinery, molds, and dies.

Q – Can Epochem 502 degreaser be diluted with water?

Ans – Yes. Epochem 502 heavy duty degreaser can be used as supplied or diluted with up to 20 parts of water or even more for effectiveness as desired.

Q – Can I use acetone cleaner for electronics?

Ans – No. Acetone is not safe for most electronics such as circuit boards. While you may get away with it, it is not recommended. Acetone is a strong chemical and could potentially dissolve any printed circuit board.

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Epoxy Oilserv is the foremost cleaning chemical supplier in Nigeria, one of our focus is to ensure the effectiveness of cleaning and maintenance is top-notch. Epochem cleaning and maintenance chemicals are Nigeria’s best products with the premium formulations to meet the high demand for cleaning of industrial facilities, lube tanks, vessels, products range from degreasers, alkaline cleaners, corrosion inhibitors etc.

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