Aeroshell Lubricants

Aeroshell Lubricants in Nigeria

Epoxy Oilserv is a supplier of Aeroshell Lubricants in Nigeria. AeroShell aviation lubricants have been trusted for generations. This trust is due to the reliability and proven performance of high-quality products and an appreciation of deep industry understanding.

Even if you need dedicated helicopter grease, innovative aircraft oil for the latest hot-running gas-turbine engines, breaking-in oil for your overhauled piston engine, or products designed for your ultralight sports aircraft, We will supply you with Aeroshell lubricants

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Key Aeroshell Products we have includes the below and can be downloaded here

Aeroshell Turbine Oil Brochure
Aeroshell Turbine

 AeroShell Piston Engine Oils 

  1. AeroShell Turbine oil 560 (ASTO 560) Brochure
  2. Aeroshell Turbine oil 555 (ASTO 555)
  3. Aeroshell Turbine Oil 500 (ASTO 500)
  4. AeroShell Greases
  5. AeroShell Hydraulic Fluids
  6. AeroShell Preservatives 

Aeroshell Piston Engines

A piston engine oil’s function inside a piston engine is to:

  • – reduce friction between moving parts
  • – provide necessary cooling to internal areas                                                     
  • – cushion moving parts against shock and help seal piston rings to cylinder walls
  • – protect highly finished internal parts of the engine from rust and corrosion                                                                                                     – keep interior of the engine clean and free of dirt, sludge, varnish, and other harmful contaminants

APPLICATIONs of Aeroshell Fluids and Oils

AeroShell Oils and AeroShell W Oils are intended for use in four-stroke (four-cycle) aircraft reciprocating piston engines. They are not recommended for use in automotive engines converted for use in aircraft, and in these cases, the conversion shop should be consulted for proper oil recommendations.

AeroShell Oil Sport PLUS 4
AeroShell Oils 65, 80, 100 and 120
AeroShell Oils W80, W100 and W120
AeroShell Oil W100 Plus
AeroShell Oil W 15 W 50
AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra

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