Shell Lubricants to Pass the 15% indian market share and 12% global market share

Shell Lubricants to Pass the 15% indian market share and 12% global market share

Shell Lubricants

As the global Lubricants leader, Shell Lubricants intends to up the ante and increase the lead by delivering exceptional products into the market, Shell Lubricants launched a lifetime warranty scheme for its Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology product, expects to cross 15 per cent market share in the near future.

This lifetime engine warranty will be available exclusively for Indian-registered cars using Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology and will cover lubricant-related engine failures with 13 engine parts as reported by the Business standard an indian online news site.

In addition, a limited period warranty of 5 years is also offered to consumers using Shell Helix HX7.

“The total lubricant market in India is around 2.2 billion litres and we currently enjoy nearly 10-15 per cent share across segments where we are currently present. We are taking various initiatives to create technology-based solutions to offer the best to our customers and consumers. We believe this will help us increase our current market share in the near future,” Managing Director Nitin Prasad told PTI here.

“Currently India is our third-largest market after the US and China, and we will continue to bring in new technology-enabled solutions.”

Shell Lubricants has introduced the engine warranty programme for motorists for up to 15 years or 100,000 kms, the average lifespan of a car.

Car owners using Shell Helix Ultra or Shell Helix HX7 across India can avail of this engine warranty programme free of cost by registering on the Shell Lubricants’ official lifetime engine warranty website, he said.

“Shell has invested millions of dollars for over 40 years in research and development to create these next generation motor oils. We will further spend in creating a brand as well as spread awareness about this among our target consumers and different stakeholders over the next few months,” Prasad said.

Shell Lubricants companies lead the lubricants industry, supplying more than 12% of global lubricants volume.

The Kline group in 2013 reported that the United States remains the largest lubricant market, but its estimated 22% global share continues to decrease. The Asia-Pacific region is the leading region in terms of volume, but the high value markets remain predominantly Western Europe and the United States. Globally, Shell remains the market leader claiming 12% total market share, down slightly from 13% in 2011. Kah Peng Aw, General Manager for Shell Global Commercial Strategy Development said, “Our brands are important to us and it is reassuring that our strategy to enhance value is seeing results. We continue to drive our business forward with a value-led approach, be it in our world-class global supply chain, investments in cutting-edge technical innovation or market-leading products.”

Shell Lubricants is distributed in Nigeria by Epoxy Oilserv Limited, with locations across major Nigeria cities, Epoxy is poised to serve customer’s needs efficiently.

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