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Helium is valued as a gas for lifting, breathing, leak detection, shielding and its inert properties and as a liquid for cooling. Many industries can benefit from its unique properties to optimize performance and productivity, reduce labor costs, and make operations safer. Our experienced applications teams can use their knowledge of your industry and application to provide you with reliable, worry-free helium supply and technology solutions to meet your unique needs. Contact Epoxy Oilserv for your gaseous helium for your next project.

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Use of Helium gas 

Common Uses of Helium

Evidence shows that the human voice can be changed with a bit of helium. The gas is also used as light weight aircraft fuel. The element is usually combined with hydrogen in air balloons. Hydrogen alone is fine, but helium makes the balloon safer to use. The same gas is used by caisson workers too. Divers use oxygen and helium during their dives. The combination provides them with the atmosphere necessary to survive in high pressure environments.

helium gas balloons
Helium gas balloons

Aerospace & Aircraft

From manufacturing to flight, helium is widely utilized throughout the aerospace and aircraft industry. In space flight operations, helium is used to purge hydrogen systems and works as a pressurizing agent for ground and flight fluid systems. It is also a source of lift in weather and other surveillance balloons.

Automotive & Transportation Equipment
Helium is used to test critical automotive parts such as radiator heat exchangers, air conditioning components, fuel tanks and torque converters to ensure they meet quality specifications. It is also used in combination with argon as a source of inflation in a growing number of airbags.

Heat Treating
Parts Manufacturing

In combination with oxygen, helium is used in diving to help eliminate nitrogen narcosis, reduce breathing resistance at depth, and shorten decompression stops. Known as heliox, the mixture allows divers to reach greater depths for longer periods of time. The deeper the dive, the higher the concentration of helium, allowing divers to explore more and weld longer.

Helium plays a significant role in the manufacturing of semiconductors, LCD panels, and fiber optic wire. It cools parts and components quickly to enhance throughput, controls the rate of heat transfer to improve productivity and reduce defects, and functions as a carrier gas in the production process.

Helium is used to achieve cryogenic temperatures of -451 degrees required for superconducting magnets in MRIs and NMRs, allowing the capture of high-resolution images of internal organs and tissues.

Cryogen & MRI Services

Welding & Metal Fabrication
Helium’s inert properties at arc temperatures make it an ideal gas for welding materials with high heat conductivity such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper and magnesium alloys. Helium is also used in heat treating processes such as gas quenching and in furnace atmospheres to produce parts with higher tolerance and improved quality.

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