Press Release: Epoxy Oilserv takes Delivery of Shell GTL Lubricants, Confirms product Availability

Press Release: Port Harcourt 27th August 2015

Shell GTL lubes13

Epoxy Oilserv Limited has announced delivery of huge quantities of Shell GTL Lubricants in our facilities in Port Harcourt Rivers State and Ikeja Lagos State, we welcome customers to immediately place their order and enjoy the technical superiority of Lubricants made from GTL base oil which is considered the best base oil products ever, this is an increase in addition to products We have made available to customers, Epoxy Oilserv Key accounts manager Mr. Eboigbe Ernest confirmed continued availability of products to customers and all needed appropriate supports “we will continue to ensure that premium products will be made available for our existing customers and we also welcome new customers as well, Our suppliers also confirmed seamless supplies from any part of the world as long as we get needed product in Nigeria” he said

Shell Turbine lubricants arrived Epoxy Oilserv Facility

Shell’s natural gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology makes it possible to use natural gas, rather than crude oil, as the raw material for a range of valuable liquid products. These include cleaner fuels for cars and planes, and materials that go into making chemicals and lubricants.

GTL Base oils can be used for the manufacture of lubricants that keep vehicle engines, gearboxes and transmissions operating smoothly. various product available in-country includes. The high-quality products from Shell is the first of its kind, Shell Lubricants use GTL base oil, a high-quality Group III base oil, in the manufacture of its premium motor oils. Group III base oils are the foundation for formulating next-generation oils that address needs for improved energy efficiency, longer equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.

Compared to typical base oils, which are refined from crude oil, GTL base oils represent an alternative starting point for the manufacture of finished lubricants. Within the range of commercially available base oils, Group III oils have high viscosity index, low volatility and good low-temperature fluidity and are often used to make synthetic motor oils. Shell GTL base oil usage will be an essentially invisible change to Shell Lubricants’ existing premium formulations, although in some cases lubricants using GTL base oil may appear lighter in color.


Epoxy Oilserv Took Delivery of the following Shell Lubricants products

Shell Turbine oil brochure
Shell Turbine oil brochure (download file)

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