Press Release – Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Appointed Distributor Ameron, Sigma Coatings in Nigeria

“Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Appointed Distributor Ameron, Sigma Coatings in Nigeria.”

Epoxy Oilserv now distributor to PPG, owners of Sigma Coatings and Ameron Coatings for Nigeria. Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria is the foremost distributor of Marine and protective coatings in Nigeria since 2009

After signing the deal with management and representatives of PPG Nigeria Limited brand owners of Sigma Coatings and Ameron paints in Nigeria. PPG is the only International coatings company operating and producing Marine coatings in Nigeria.

Mr. Kennedy Azonachukwu the Manager Specialty Chemicals and Coatings of Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria limited, confirmed how strategic this move is in a statement.
“This is a very strategic step for our company Epoxy Oilserv, as one of the largest marine coatings distributors in Nigeria. Being a distributor to Sigma and Ameron coatings is in the best interest of our B2B customers, our customers in the oil and gas, marine and industrial sector who will be so excited with this news. The demand for these coatings is much and we are up to it.”

PPG, world leader in Coatings.
PPG is a world leader in marine coatings. They develop fit for purpose products and services that protect customers’ assets in some of the world’s most demanding sea conditions and environments.
PPG is the world’s top manufacturer of Coatings and adhesive products since 2016, Sales of PPG Industries’ three coatings business segments.
·         Performance Coatings
·         Industrial Coatings
·         Architectural Coatings EMEA – combined for $14.3 billion in 2016.

“PPG had a successful year in 2016, despite a more challenging global economic environment and growing geopolitical uncertainty in many of the regions where we operate,” said Michael McGarry, president and CEO of PPG. “Thanks to our customers and employees, we were able to continue to strengthen our paint and coatings business around the world.”

PPG’s Performance Coatings and Industrial Coatings reportable segments supply coatings and specialty materials for customers in a wide array of end-use markets, including industrial equipment and components, packaging material; aircraft and marine equipment; automotive original equipment; as well as for other industrial and consumer products.
Decorative Sigma Paints cover all uses and have been developed to give quality, long lasting results.
Marine Sigma Paints remains at the forefront of supplying coatings for marine protection.
Protective Sigma Paints is universally recognized as a world leader in the development of new protective coating technology. The solvent free epoxy coatings are safer to use and even more environment friendly.

Benefits of Sigma paints
·         Solutions for high temperature and cryogenic service.
·         No induction time.
·         Multi-purpose usage.
·         Corrosion protection in atmospheric environments.
·         Glossy finish/easy to clean.

About Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited

Epoxy Oilserv Limited is an indigenous company with international repute and affiliations. Epoxy Oilserv is the producers and distributor of specialty lubricants, chemicals, adhesives, protective and marine coatings, with branch locations across Nigeria. Epoxy Oilserv is poised to satisfy customer needs at all times.
Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited sells most of their products through GZ Industrial Supplies e-commerce website.

If you are looking for high quality coatings and paints that will endure the most aggressive climatic conditions you can contact us or send us a mail at or call 08058696458, 08053390163, 08053390164, and 08053390165.

We are pleased to be a fully authorized PPG Sigma Paint supplier and distributor.

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