Mission Statement

Mission statement of Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited

Our mission is to provide optimal, timely, and quality goods and services, in a safe and, environmentally friendly manner to our customers, we shall strive to be a global player where all stakeholders benefit.

How we will do this?

To accomplish this mission, we have dedicated ourselves to the provision of exceptional quality and cost effective products and services, we are able to offer with the technical support of our partners, our technical partners have distinguished themselves in various areas of this expertise, we are and will always be proud of them.
We shall also lay emphasis on training and manpower development, while we maintain an attitude and atmosphere conducive to employee productivity and provide the required operational and logistic support for our partners and customers alike.

Regulatory compliance.

We shall do all of the above with the client as our primary focus and our services and products tailored to meet the clients specific requirments provided these requirement do not contravene regulatory and statutory requirements.

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