First Decommissioning Collaboration Tool

World’s First Decommissioning Collaboration Tool Launched by Exceed.

Decommissioning ongoing
Decommissioning ongoing

The world’s first online information management system for the offshore decommissioning market has been launched by well management and performance improvement specialist, Exceed.

The Aberdeen-based company has invested in excess of £300,000 in the development of iVISION, an online platform which connects multi-location, multi-discipline teams and business units through one central point where information is securely stored and accessed.

iVISION integrates safety management, technical information and video to drive continuous improvement, enhance knowledge transfer and reduce the cost of current and future projects.

Through the ability to create controlled access privileges for individual users, iVISION also provides a platform for cross-company collaboration, allowing operators to work closely with contractors and third parties around the globe.

iVISION has been developed by Exceed, and is being used successfully across global well management projects by its performance improvement division for clients, such as Engie (previously GDF Suez), Tullow Oil and a major operator in Southeast Asia. The decommissioning edition of iVISION is now being launched to the decommissioning market to address the collaboration challenges outlined by the UK’s Oil & Gas Authority (OGA).

The OGA recognized through its Call to Action, published in February 2015, that whilst the UK has a good track record of decommissioning to date, the industry is still learning and adapting to this new phase.

Successful collaboration is key to the future of decommissioning, a £40-billion market which will shape the future of Aberdeen for the next 35 years. This is already happening, for instance, in the Southern North Sea where operators are looking at ways to combine well abandonment scope. With the scale of decommissioning set to significantly ramp up over coming decades, however, efforts to collaborate efficiently will need to match this pace.

iVISION effectively enables the collaborative approach required by industry, providing a platform for operators to integrate safety management systems and technical knowledge, and realize cost-savings through lessons learned, knowledge retention and video capture.

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