Best Portable welding machine in Nigeria 2020 Review

Best Portable welding machines in Nigeria are cheaper and stronger.

Tunde and Uche live together as bachelors in a flat in the Lekki area of Lagos, southwest Nigeria. They work in different companies, and they leave the house with their different keys to the same entrance door, each time either of them forgets their keys, they must resort to breaking the metal door to enter their apartment. The best way to do this is by getting a welder first to break the door, and the same welder would fix it back as it were. They hardly know that they can easily do this themselves if they have the time. Learning to weld as part-time has multifold advantages, some of which is that they solve their problems relating to steel welding. And they can make some extra money offering welding services to other people within their affluent neighborhood.
Learning such trade skills as welding is the beginning of becoming a DIY (Do it yourself) enthusiast. A DIY enthusiasm for welding starts with an essential welding tool, ” a welding machine.” The most crucial question welding enthusiasts ask is, what is the best portable welding machine in Nigeria?
A portable welding machine is a cool way people could themselves do the necessary repair works. Things will break anytime, but it is up to you to fix them immediately to extend their lifespan.
Portable welding machines are ideal for DIY enthusiasts, professionals, and beginner welders. They are compact, lightweight, and mobile. As such, you can carry them anywhere and use them anytime. Their small sizes also make them extremely easy to store when not in use. Well, the fact that they are portable means they are not very handy. Not even close. These machines are versatile and perfect for household repairs, auto body maintenance, and also for welding massive farm projects. And given their prices, acquiring one is surprisingly easy and cheap. That said, waste no more time and grab yours from the following top 5 best portable welding machines reviews from one of the best welding machine experts in Nigeria. The Tikweld welding shop and GZ Industrial Supplies welding category experts.
With a wide of range of the best portable welding machines in Nigeria, you could try out in your home.
Of course, it makes less sense to wait for two or more days for a repair specialist to come and fix the broken stuff. The most relaxed way, then, is indeed to buy a welding machine and do the fixing yourself in a matter of time. A portable welding machine is an inverter welder that is very lightweight compared to a transformer welder that is bulky heavy and highly less efficient than the inverter welder, our choice today is comparing inverter welders.

Portable welding Machines. What did we compare?

Of course, it makes less sense to wait for two or more days for a repair specialist to come and fix the broken stuff. The most relaxed way, then, is indeed to buy a welding machine and do the fixing yourself in a matter of time. A portable welding machine is an inverter welder that is very lightweight compared to a transformer welder that is bulky heavy and highly less efficient than the inverter welder, our choice today is comparing inverter welders.

Portable welding machines in Nigeria are of many brands. Known brand names like Miller, Essab, and Lincoln are already excellent and known to do well in terms of quality. Known brands were intentionally excluded in our study and comparisons, first because they already enjoy global brand equity and secondly because they are not cheap and ultimately out of the reach of DIY enthusiasts without deep pocket. We present to you the best portable welding machines in Nigeria.

Hopefully, it would help you quickly find the best choice and make your works and projects rather exciting and enjoyable. Certainly, weekend warriors like you will need a portable welding machine to fix several things in your home or worksite in their perfect ways, if you re here reading this you are and will never be a lazy Nigeria youth. If you are a DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) enthusiast, you will find this collection interesting.

You may continue to update your welding knowledge in the best welding glossary knowledge they say is power.

1. Kaerda Welding machine ZX7-200N

This is a perfect inverter Arc welding machine for both a weekend warrior and professional repairer. The well-engineered equipment is ideal for welding stainless steel, aluminum, and other quality materials. Indeed, you have several advanced features with the Kaierda’s lightweight and portable arc welding machine ZX7-200N.Notably, it has got a thermostat control, easy removal of the electrode, and a fan cooling carrying strap. Plus, the compact welding machine has a low noise function so you can do the jobs without any noise pollution. Visit the link below to check out its latest price on the Nigeria market.The key attraction of the machine is, of course, the IGBT technology. That is a way the system works on a DC inverter, helping you significantly cut on power bills and reduce heat. Coming to portability, the device is very easy-to-carry and is ideal for both outdoor and indoor operations.

You can easily carry the machine anywhere and that is how it comes out to be a great tool for professional users. Anywhere, this Kaierda welding machine is certainly one of the top sellers of its kind in the Nigerian market with a lot of takers on all leading retail sites of both GZ Industrial Supplies and others.

Why We Like the welding machine

  • Advanced IGBT Inverter Arc Welding Machine.
  • Compact, Lightweight and Highly Portable.
  • Perfect for Welding Stainless Steel, Aluminum, And Etc.
  • Very portable
  • LED Indicator for On/Off Function.
  • 1 year parts replacement warranty
  • Low price for a high quality product

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2.Askaynak inverter welder 160E Inverter welding machine

This Inverter welder is portable and rugged, it is suitable for wide variety of welding applications both on outside and indoor, it is water proof, this means you do not have to get an umbrella to protect it from rain while on duty, this makes it to provide maximum flexibility according to our team, what appeals to our technical team a lot is the light weight and the associated warranty, it is only 6.5kg this is far more lighter in weight than a small bag of rice which can even be conveniently carried by any Nigerian adult. From the weight advantage review of this welding, it can be carried even by 10 years old kids like a toy, it is also recommended as energy saver 

  • We we like this portable inverter welder
  • Its an IGBT portable inverter welding weight only 6.5kg
  • High frequency, energy saver
  • Can run continuously for a long time, stable performance.
  • Anti-interference, good thrust adjustment function
  • Easier arc ignition, splatter-free, current stability
  • Can be used to work in heights, field operations and interior decoration projects.
  • Welds low hydrogen and mild steel electrodes of gauge 12 and 10 comfortably.
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Low price high quality

2. Askaynak Inverter 200E Portable Welding machineThe next on our list of the best portable welding machines in Nigeria comes from Askaynak a renowned welding machine with Turkish technology. This is also an IGBT portable welding machine with many advanced features. The product is good for doing all the basic household welding and repairing works.Well, you can carry the lightweight and portable welding machine anywhere and fix the things quickly. Coming to the popularity, this is certainly one of the best of its kind you could find on the Nigerian market. This product is alway in stock with GZ Industrial Supplies Online shop, payment on delivery options or e-payments are requiredThe welding machine is an Arc 200 inverter equipment. It could offer you a better welding experience in your home as it would consume less power and emit limited heat. You can also use a small petrol generator to power this welding machine, the technical details of this machine is below.Input Voltage 220VPower Output @Rated power 8,36 KWA (16%)Phase: Single PhaseProtection class: IP215

This welding machine is rugged, compact, and with welding tong, earth clamp, short welding cable provided as part of the welding machine. This machine definitely need less maintenance. Our welding experts approves it as need-to-get.

Why We Like It

  • IGBT Inverter Arc Portable Welding Machine. 
  • Welding Holder with Cable and Earth Clamp with Cable.
  • Easy-To-Use, Lightweight and Portable Welding Machine.
  • Special outdoor use feature like water proof protection 

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4. Powerflex Welding machine MMA 250ES
The powerflex brand is a known high quality product in the Nigeria welding machine market, it was selected by our team because it passed all our quality assurance tests. During use, with a 60% rated duty circle, this machine is great.This portable inverter welding machine use the IGBT/MOSFET technology, this alone greatly improves the reliability of the machine, it has a 100% copper transformer, high quality in-built capacitor and a really big fan radiator for effective cooling giving it the characteristic mostly sought after in high duty circle welding machines. The quality cooling fan also is anti-electric shock, it is programmed to stop automatically when struck by anything obscure .This portable welder is also light weight at only 11kg, it can be carried easily for high height work projects indoors and outdoorsWhy we love this welding machine.It has a 100% copper transformerBig cooling fans to ensure radiation of heat and high duty circleHigh duty circle
Why we like itIt is high qualityHigh duty circleEasy to use and light weight Water proof
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5. MaxMech Inverter Welding Machine AC/DC200 PulseThis portable inverter welding machine is the cheapest in the market if price point is what appeals to you, it is portable, it has all the adjustable parameters needed for the MMA Welding process and suitable for all variety of workpieces, it also have a full digital design and highly IThe compact size further increases its portability as well as making it much easier to store when it is not in use. The package that comes with this machine includes a cable+ electrode holder and cable+ earth clamp. Furthermore, this welding machine has an easy-to-start arc and little spatter. Plus it boasts stable current. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a unit to do projects on the farm, shop, and home. It runs off a standard 220V industrial input power and produces a welding range of 10 – 190A with 40-percent duty cycle.
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Conclusion on evaluation of portable welding machines

Above is our list of the best portable welding machine reviews for 2020. You can easily buy in Nigeria without issues and have protection in the form of product supports, spare parts, and excellent user utility. We expect you to find them useful, there are certainly lots more great products out there in the market, but here we have compiled the best sellers and reduced the paradox involved in your buying decision. Subsequently, field experience from our users will enable us to update this list and keep it fresh. We do not represent any of the brands so far; we have asked independent users to use them and give us their experience and product usefulness. The evaluative criteria we used here are varied. We used brand, features, weight, design utility, manufacturers’ warranty, and welding power of the welders are some of the evaluations. All the machines above are, in fact, ideal choices for both professional welders and DIY enthusiasts at home.
While there are other suppliers of welding machines in Nigeria like GZ Industrial Supplies and Tikweld welding supplies and services, GZ is still by far the most outstanding supplier and distributor of portable welders in Nigeria making it easier for Nigerians to have better access to excellent quality at budget rates

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