Benefits of Epoxy flooring for pharmaceutical companies

Epoxy flooring for Nigeria businesses whose areas of concentration should be a floor that is not only free from dust but must be free from allergens, free to clean and should prevent growth of microbes. This article gives some insights on the benefits of epoxy flooring for pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

All companies manufacturing and dealing on drugs must have floor coatings that resist oils, acids and solvents. The aforementioned are typically the types of chemicals that these kind of companies deal with on daily basis. Epoxy floors also are resistant to abrasion and impacts since the plant floors are easily exposed to both human, heavy machinery tools and vehicular traffic on daily basis. Epoxy floor is the type of floor that offer durable and hard wearing solutions. Epoxy flooring can be applied to concrete floors to ensure a high performance and an attractive surface.

Epoxy floors are typically made of epoxy resin chemicals: which consist of resin and hardening agents, to save you from further scientific jargon epoxy resins are also called polyepoxides which are a polymer (large molecule made of repeating small units) and made of epoxide monomers. The resins are crosslinked by themselves or other agents such as phenols, acid anhydride through a process called curing. The other substance that is cross lined with the epoxy resin that results in curing is called hardener (or hardening agent). 

Epoxy flooring involves depositing an industrial epoxy coating on the floor with at least a 2mm thickness. The result obtained after hardening is so strong and durable that it is easily used for numerous industrial application such as warehouse floors and even in pharmaceuticals.

Epoxy floors that have cured is required to have a hard wearing, glossy and durable surface for any pharmaceutical structure. Epoxy flooring is so suitable that it offers benefits from installation to maintenance.

Benefits of epoxy floor for pharmaceutical companies

Let us give some resounding examples of the benefits of epoxy flooring for pharmaceutical facilities.

Clean and easy to clean surface

Epoxy flooring coatings can easily be cleaned free from debris, dirt and dusts. Preparations in pharmaceutical companies can create a great deal of dusts and mess, epoxy flooring is the best way to go so that the dust can be cleaned easily

Long lasting floors

Epoxy floors is made of epoxy resins and hardeners which is a thermosetting resin that forms tightly linked cross-polymer structures that could uphold a lot of toughness and strond adhesion. When epoxy is used as floor coatings, the floor surface is usually durable and can stand the test of time. Epoxy floors are also non-toxic

Forms a chemically resistant floors

Epoxy floors are composed of resins and hardeners that are combined to form a chemical bon that forms a rigid and strong plastic material that is resistant to many chemicals. Being resistant to chemicals is essential for warehouses that produce chemical-related products like pharmaceutical companies and other chemical plants.

Provides beautiful and aesthetically pleasing floor surface

Epoxy flooring are shiny strong and mostly scratch proof due to movement of materials that scratch on the floors. It comes in colors chosen by the customer. Epoxy flooring comes in a lot of colors and designs that will suit the customers liking or theme of the building

Improved safety

Epoxy floors improves safety in a workplace. The improvement in safety by epoxy floors is as a result of resistance to slip, heat and fire. Epoxy floors improves brightness of the warehouse because it reflects much light due to its high gloss nature.

flooring for pharmaceutical companies increases productivity

The use of epoxy floors in a warehouse will ultimately increase productivity, there is little wear and tear on the vehicles and equipment used on such clean floors, material movement can be made faster due to increase in brightness and clearer vision for workers. Working will be easier because workers will have to work without damage.

Low cost overall maintenance of floors

Epoxy floors are easy to apply and when there are cracks on crevices it can easily be maintained. Epoxy flooring can be very durable hence there is little chance that maintenance will be needed hence the overall cost of ownership is cheaper that a typical concrete bare floor. 

Bacteria free flooring solution

A typical flooring solution will have small pockets of favorable locations for growth of bacteria and other micro organisms. Bacteria growth is further enhanced by the relative difficulty in cleaning those floors, but this is not so in an epoxy floor solution. Epoxy flooring leaves no crevices and spots that will support growth of micro organisms, epoxy floor is easy to clean thereby helping to maintain a sterile environment that does not effectively allow bacterias to strive

From research facilities to production lines, the pharmaceutical industry is on the cutting edge of science. Epoxy Oilserv flooring  offers the right flooring we also partner with many organizations like GZ Industrial supplies for difficult work tools  to ensure work is completed on scheduleWe are a global leader in epoxy flooring applications for pharmaceutical companies and other facilities requiring such applications. We bring our expertise to you

Frequently asked question (FAQ) Epoxy flooring for Pharmaceutical companies

floors in pharmaceuticals companies needs to be free from allergens and dust. Epoxy acts as a concrete floor sealant. They are safe and easy to clean, preventing microbial growth. The floor coatings of companies manufacturing medicinal drugs should manage to resist most oils, acids, and solvents.

For regular cleaning of your epoxy floor, a simple dust mop will work wonders. Applying your dust mop around once a week is the best way to clean epoxy floors and to gather up strangling dust or dirt. If desired, you can also take a hose to wash down your entire floor and then use a squeegee to absorb the residue.

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