Basic Maintenance Tips to Extend Lifespan of Medical Devices

Basic Maintenance Tips to Extend Lifespan of Medical Devices

Hospitals around the globe are having increase in patient inflow. Consequently, there is a rising need for maintaining hospital equipment and providing improved diagnostic facilities. There are various forms of maintenance used in medical facilities, this forms of maintenance falls under two types of maintenance which are; Preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.

The purpose of preventive maintenance of medical devices is to care and service equipment, by providing systematic inspection, detection for the devices to function in its optimum operating condition, to avoid downtime while corrective maintenance is been achieved with immediate response given to a failed devices when detected. The device is immediately sent down for repairs to avoid more damages to the device.

However, for a piece of medical or diagnostic equipment to live through this period without malfunction, certain maintenance guidelines must be followed.

  • Coordinating service schedules

Numerous devices are been used in medical facilities, for maintenance of these devices to be properly achieved because not all medical assets have the same preventive maintenance needs.  , we have to draw out schedules for the devices, it could be every 3days it all depends to avoid sudden breakdown of devices.

  • Obtaining manufacturer support

There have been situations where medical technicians were not familiar or able to detect the cause or malfunctioning of a device, with this the need to obtain a manufacturer support is necessary to help you in getting your device back to a working condition.

Device data’s or warrant cards of the devices should be kept properly in other to gain access to the manufacturer for repair purpose.

  • Train and retain staffs

Training medical staffs on how to properly maintain medical devices is very key. A staff that is not trained on how to use or operate a medical device could either malfunction the equipment or not be able to use it the way it should.

  • Sterilize, disinfect  and turn off devices when not in use

Devices should properly be taken care off because they are used on patients to avoid transmitting diseases, sterilize and disinfect devices before and after use make sure device is turned off to prolong its life span.

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