Video: Tour of Shell Lubricants plant in Tianjin, China

Below is a virtual tour of Shell Lubricants plant in Tianjin, China, this lubricants blending plant has capacity to produce 330 million litres of finished lubricants including Shell Helix and Shell Rimula engine oils. It will cater to growing demand in Northeast China. This is a virtual tour of the plant site.

Shell announced in 2012  its plan to build a new, state-of-the-art lubricants blending plant in Tianjin (Beijing), China. The plant will be ideally located to supply a range of lubricants products to Northern China, supplementing Shell’s six existing plants on the Chinese mainland. The plant will have a capacity of 300 million litres per year initially, with the potential to expand to 500 million litres.

Official ground breaking took place on 16th August 2012 at the new site at Nangang, Tianjin. Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice President, Shell Global Commercial said:

“We are delighted to confirm this significant new investment in our supply chain in China, which is the fastest growing lubricants market globally”

Shell’s Supply chain is the foundation for the consistent delivery of  high quality lubricants product brands such as Shell Helix, Shell Advance, Shell Rimula, Shell Tellus and Shell Omala, they are  well positioned to meet the future needs of lubricants customers in Asia, to sustain our leading market position, and to realise our growth plans.”

Shell became the leading international energy company in China’s lubricants market acquiring three blending plants, in 2006 when, it bought a 75% share in Beijing Tongyi Petroleum Chemical Company Ltd and Tongyi Petroleum Chemical Company Ltd, which produce and market China’s leading independent lubricant brand Monarch.

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