PMS international Chemicals Partners Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited

PMS INTERNATIONAL a manufacturer of chemical additive compounds and fliuds that reflects the latest advancements in chemical technology, for strategic positioning has recently gone into partnership with Epoxy Oilserv Limited,a leading distributor of premium lubricants and chemicals for the distribution of its product range which includes;drilling fluids and chemicals,inorganic salts,acids,solvents,thickeners,corrosion inhibitors,special chelants agent,oil treatment chemicals,mutifunction chemicals for deep offshore fields and many more diverse products,for companies in oil and gas,drug manufacturers,beverages and confectionery industries within Nigeria and the West African region.


PMS INTERNATIONAL with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, is the leader in chemical products distribution in the Maghreb area with more than thirty five years of experience.They also supply various types of chemical additives to its customers with the support capabilities of designing specialty formulations.PMS INTERNATIONAL Group offers technology support for all its products with diverse product and service capabilities.

The five divisions of activities of PMS INTERNATIONAL have been integrating and consolidating over the years.In parallel, their portfolio of industry suppliers and sources of supply has been increasing to all over the world. First, in Europe, then to Southeast Asia and not forgetting the Americas.

Mr Nicholas Lisbonne export manager chemicals/business developer chemicals/oil and gas who recently visited Nigeria asserts that, PMS INTERNATIONAL always strives to find the best prices in an international market that is very competitive,without affecting the quality and compliance standards by customers and suppliers alike.Whilst speaking with Epoxy Oilserv team,he reiterated his conviction that Nigeria is a strategic destination for investment inflows and potential economic growth.Mr Nicholas Lisbonne, also stressed that PMS will invest heavily in Nigeria while also partnering with Epoxy Oilserv Limited.PMS is already in business with oil and gas majors like, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and wants to replicate same in Nigeria.

Mr Nicolas Lisbonne visited Epoxy Oilserv Locations in both Port Harcourt and Lagos, he was well received by the Chemical distribution team,  they all promised to work with him and render necessary support when necessary.

PMS INTERNATIONAL has been a pioneer in obtaining the ISO14001 and ISO9001 certification for international trade activities of its products.

The Financial controller Mr. Ernest Eboigbe while expressing hope for a profitable collaboration sees a brighter future for both Epoxy Oilserv and PMS International in the Chemical distribution landscape in Nigeria, He noted the increased value that will be created for valuable customers across Nigeria.

Epoxy Oilserv Limited has offices in Major Nigeria cities the remaining part on Nigeria is covered by well selected capable resellers and distributors.


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