Nitrogen Purging in Nigeria

Epoxy Oilserv Limited a supplier of industrial gases is also specialised  in Nitrogen purging for Nigeria customers.

Inerting with Nitrogen
Inerting with Nitrogen
Our Nitrogen Purging/Inertisation
Prior to the introduction or removal of flammable gases or liquid to/from a pipeline, vessel or pipe work system, it is standard practice to render the atmosphere within the equipment incapable of supporting combustion.
There are three basic ways of purging a system with nitrogen:
  • Displacement Purging (at atmospheric pressure)
  • Pressure Cycle Purging and
  • Vacuum Purging.
Nitrogen Purging gas pipeline
Nitrogen Purging gas pipeline

Displacement Purging- Nitrogen is passed continuously into the pipeline, vessel or system at one point, while the air or gas being purged leaves from another point. The system is normally purged to atmosphere, so the system remains at atmospheric pressure. In practice, nitrogen performs its function by displacement or dilution of the contents, typically, both these processes occurs simultaneously. For pipeline purging the mixing interface is usually quite small, therefore purging takes place mainly by displacement. For vessel purging the mixing of gases is usually complete and purging takes place mainly by dilution. Pressure Cycle Purging – With this method of purging a system is pressurized with nitrogen then allowed to mix for a period before venting. This method is usually adopted when the configuration of a system is complex and the simple.+ Vacuum Purging- This method is basically similar to pressure cycle purging except that a system is evacuated before nitrogen is introduced to break the vacuum and mix with residual gas.


We at Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited can offer you all Nitrogen Purging Inerting services.

Other Nitrogen Services we offer.
The unique properties of liquid and gaseous nitrogen offer a wide range of capabilities to both onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Used predominantly during plant maintenance shutdown and startup operations, nitrogen purging and subsequent nitrogen/helium leak testing form a critical path to the success of any project. When a flange is break, vessel is opened the prime consideration is completing the maintenance safely, in any hazardous plant or pipeline, onshore or offshore. In the potentially volatile situations, the medium that guarantees a safe job is Nitrogen. Dry and inert nitrogen has proved to be a safe, versatile, cost effective tool oil and gas refining, petrochemical, pipeline and other industrial operations worldwide. Nitrogen at high flow rates, pressures and temperatures can substantially reduce plant and pipeline downtime by providing efficient purging/blanketing, drying, pressure-testing, leak-testing and product displacement solutions in a safe and inert manner. Global Pipeline services provide high flow nitrogen at a wide range of pressures and temperature to ensure the safe start up or shutdown of all systems.

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