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86% transfer ratio! The best for non-electrostatic range.

Gun XCite 120, 200 & 400

New Sensations for New Performances: The Xcite™ gun is the result of KREMLIN REXSON experience since 1925. The Xcite™ gun brings an excellent comfort to the operator. Its ultra light trigger, its design, its ergonomy and its swivel fitting reduce the operator fatigue, improve the productivity and stop all risks of RSI (repetitive strains injuries).

The new Xcite™ gun uses high quality components which ensure a perfect reliability maintaining a high level of performances. The last generation of Airmix® atomization aircap offers unsurpassed finish quality.

The sprayer has the ability to significantly vary the pattern without changing the the tip while using minimum atomization air and pressure. It’s really useful when painting complex shape parts.

 XCite Ergonomic design and light trigger: Reduced fatigue and excellent working conditions for increased productivity

Product fluid passages in stainless steel: Compatible with water-based materials.

Nickeled brass air needle: Long service life and good reliability.

Large and fine fan width adjustment: Ability to adjust the fan width to the shape of the part to be painted leads to higher efficiency and productivity

Increased atomization quality and transfer efficiency: Outstanding spraying quality with reduced overspray (86% transfer ratio! The best for non-electrostatic range)

The 400 bars version can be connected to your existing AIRLESS pump and increase significantly efficiency and finishing quality.


The EOS 10-C18 complete Plug & Spray outfit comprises of the pump available in tripod configuration, the Airmix® Xcite™ 120 bars gun fitted with a 06.094 tip and 7.5m fluid and air hoses in one single package.

Recommended for small industries to benefit of both Airmix® spray technology advantages and simple as powerfull EOS pump range. Economic solution to handle low viscosity materials (up to 500 cps) with a very low motor air consumption and a low flow volume fluid section for fast color changes with a minimum of product loss.

 XCite Gun + 10C18 pump Small fluid section and suction rod: Less product loss during color-changing and pump flushing.

The gun/pump kits work with a compressor of 0,5 HP: Reduction of operational costs.

Compact design: Fits in small working areas. Easy to move.

Simple design a reduced number of spare parts: Easy maintenance


True accelerator of performance for your AIRMIX® Xcite™ gun, the new paint pump KREMLIN REXSON EOS range brings together, Optimization and Simplicity.

The innovative design and component quality bring reliability and performance and allow very simple maintenance, easy cleaning and safe color changes while using a minimum of solvents. The cost of ownership is reduced at a minimum.

The new air motor design allows for a smooth start-up under low pressure air and perfectly controlled fluid output, without any pulsation at the gun with very low air consumption.

Last generation paints developed for industrial markets are handle by EOS pump stainless steel construction without any problem.

EOS30c25+XCite Efficiency: 

  • Closed design with protective carter between air motor and fluid section: Lubricant protection against external pullution. Full operator safety.
  • Stainless steel design: Compatible with water-based materials.
  • Double strock fluid section: Steady output without any pulsation.
  • Large suction valve: Recommended for materials up to 5000 cps


  • Magnet inverter: alows you to startup slowly the pump at very low pressure
  • Simple design, reduced number of spare parts: Esay maintenance
  • Simple and accessible air motot/fluid section coupling without tie rod: Possibility to rotate the fluid section to adjust the fluid section on the application.
  • Fluid section with mobile lower packing construction: Improved material refilling and emptying for constant output. Improved sealing – easier maintenance.
  • Differential air motor: Very simple, a few parts, minimum maintenance.
  • New trolley: robust support and usefull features for holding hoses, guns, suction rod and accessories.


Dedicated to high flow applications (up to 1,5 Liters/minute), this spray units allows large spraying works with AIRMIX technology advantages.

 XCite Gun + 20.25 pump Large diameter suction rod and high compression
: Can be used with a wide range of materialsStainless steel design: Compatible with water-based materials.Robust and usefull trolley: Easy to move on work site.

Simple design, Reduced number of components: Easy maintenance

With this pump, it is possible to connect a second XCite and improve your productivity.

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