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Epoxy Oilserv Limited is in the business to Manufacture and Distribute industrial,cleaning and maintenance Chemicals,  Shell lubricants, premium quality lubricants, Chemicals, paints, industrial gases, metal fabrication, Rental of oilfield equipment, condition monitoring, lube oil analysis and associated services. we provide our customers with quality lubricants and technical support on the lubrication and maintenance of their equipment. as an authorised distributor of Shell lubricants in Nigeria. We offer a complete range of automotive, industrial lubricants and industrial Chemicals our customers enjoy a one-stop service.

Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria specialise in premium lubricants, Chemicals, Paints industrial gases, degreasers, Rust inhibitors, Drilling chemicals, drilling fluids

Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria is an authorised distributor of  Shell Lubricants in Nigeria, Shell Lubricants fulfill and exceed the major international standards and specifications,  recommended by many major equipment and automotive manufacturers, OEM’s Including oil and gas servicing companies. Customers can be rest assured of the quality and performance of our products. Our value for money products and services helps our customers in saving their time and money in maintenance downtime. Shell lubricants is widely used in various industries globally , among them are all passengers and commercial vehicles, power plants, steel , textile, ceramic, construction, quarrying, plastic and metal-working industry.

Epoxy Oilserv supplies Drilling and production chemicals, specialty chemicals, Technical materials and Services in the Exploration, Production and Engineering sectors of the Oil & Gas, power, petrochemical and construction Industries Epoxy Oilserv (marine division) for sales and preventive maintenance of Barges, sea-going and inland waterways vessels. Epoxy Marine also achieved high success rate in Bunker supplies and Marine Lubricants supplies to various sea going Vessels, inland Vessels and international both on spot and termly basis, our
reputation is unsurpassed in the industry in Nigeria, and other African Countries. We are reliable, trust worthy, and we deliver Peace of Mind, our response to inquiries is just 20 minutes anytime of the day

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide optimal, timely, and quality goods and services, in a safe and,environmentally friendly manner to our customers To also be a global player where all stakeholders benefit.


  • Fabrication of Steel Buildings, Steel Barges, House Boats and Storage Tanks
  • Skids, Boat Landings, Riser Clamps, Jackets, Deck, etc
  • Mechanical/process work:
  • Piping spools, manifolds, pipelines for land, swamp and offshore locations, installation of process equipment, gas
    compression stations and flow stations
  • Fabrication And Erection Of Storage Tanks Pressure Vessels
  • Surface Preparation and Painting.
  • Turn Around Maintenance Projects For Refineries Petrochemical and Power Plants;
  • Production Unit Shutdowns, Whether Scheduled or Not, In the Sector of Refining or Chemical
  • Long Term Maintenance Contracts
  • Revamping Of Units


  • Our quality standards conforms to
  • ASME fabrication codes
  • Testing and repairs to ANSI, API598, API620, 621 standards and specification
  • API 620 and 650 tanks.


our welding procedures conforms to the following



  • Sand blasing; to SSPC-SP5, SP6, and SP10
  • Painting; all cathegories, no limit
  • Others; galvanizing, metallization insulation, concrete lining and refractory lining.

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