GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria Online industrial store Begins operation In Nigeria

GZ industrial Supplies a company focused on supply of industrial materials and support services to the Nigeria growing economy has announced starting operations immediately as the company’s website GZ-supplies  is now live and functional.

GZ industrial supplies is an online shop with large product port folio, GZ industrial supplies is increasing their product port folio from a few hundred items to a minimum of 10,000 stock keeping units (SKU’s) before the close of Q3 2015

The site features an e-commerce shopping option that reflects the company’s focus on enabling professional industrial customers to have 24/7 online access to its industrial product offerings.

The site makes it easier for customers to purchase industrial Products that are engineered for professional use.

“Our intention was to design and build a unique Industrial website that is easy to navigate, and full of product information and resources for our industrial customers,” said Eboigbe Ernest, Chief Operating officer,

Online customers can shop at their convenience. Each must meet a minimum order quantity of NGN5,000 to enable a free delivery within Lagos Port Harcourt, Calabar, Uyo and Warri. Exclusive product offers and promotional discounts will be available on the site as time goes on.

The redesigned and updated website is more current and educational, and includes more information and expert product knowledge. It features easy-to-use navigation with a fresh look and feel that allows online commercial buyers to shop by product category and easily search for specific industrial products at an awesome low price.

The site increases GZ’s ability to reach out on a larger scale and more frequently interact with business customers through easy access to social networks and communities of their choice such as Facebook and Twitter.

Another key feature is that online customers can sign up and join GZ Industrial supplies mailing list. Once registered, each e-mail address will receive valuable e-mail notifications about future promotions and product updates.

The current category of products featured are Lubricants and Chemicals, Abrasives, Electronics appliances and Batteries, Material repairs and operations supplies (MRO), Plumbing, Safety, Welding consumables, industrial gases and HVAC and Refrigeration supplies, GZ currently have own inventory exceeding NGN400m (approximately  $2.4 million) and is inviting suitable suppliers of industrial materials to register with them and display their products to customers.

GZ industrial supplies will operate from all Nigeria major cities within 2 years of operation, GZ is currently operating from Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri, Calabar, Enugu and Uyo.

GZ invites suitably qualified Organizations to apply for credit facility.

Press Release by Nneka Ukaejiofo Chikamara



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