Statoil upgrades its working performance

Statoil upgrades its working performance

Norwegian oil and gas giant Statoil is stepping up is efficiency improvement efforts, aiming at an efficiency potential of 600 man-years over the next three years in the offshore part of its business.

Asked by Offshore Energy Today if this means more layoffs, Statoil’s spokesperson Morten Eek said that “no new plans for job cuts affecting our NCS offshore organization have been decided.”

What has been progressed lately, Eek said in an e-mail, is a set proposed changes for the joint operating model discussed since March this year, which now has reached a decision comprising a number of measures to help ensure safe and more efficient operation.

He said: “Management has considered the measures to have an efficiency potential of a good 600 man-years for the next three years offshore, and will continue to evaluate this in a joint task force.”

“The staffing adjustments could then be carried out in the period 2016 to 2019, then by utilizing the opportunity provided by normal attrition, and also by mature fields being phased out and new activities that will provide available positions as new fields come online in the same three year period (e.g. Gina Krog, 2017, Aasta Hansteen 2018, and Johan Sverdrup 2019),” Morten Eek added.

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