Sea Truck Seals Deal in Chevron’s field offshore Nigeria

Sea Truck Seals Deal in Chevron’s field offshore Nigeria

Offshore construction services provider Sea Trucks has completed a pipelaying and construction campaign for Chevron in Nigeria.

Under the contract signed in mid-2015, Sea Trucks carried out transportation and installation of the Okan PRP Jacket, piles, deck and bridge at Chevron’s Sonam field development project.

Furthermore the scope of work encompassed survey of pipeline route and the installation of the 32 km pipeline between Sonam NWP and Okan PRP.

Also, the work included the fabrication, load-out, and installation of risers and subsea spools for Sonam NWP and Okan PRP.

Sea Trucks also conducted pre-commissioning and commissioning of the pipeline – hydro-test, dewatering, drying and nitrogen purging.

The group utilized two of its DP3 Pipelay Construction vessels, Jascon 30, for the pipelay operations and Jascon 25, for the installation of the jacket, deck and bridge. Installation of subsea equipment, as well as pre-commissioning activities, were carried out by Jascon 8, one of the group’s construction barges. Also some the group’s tugs and barges supported the offshore campaign. The offshore work was completed in June 2016.

The Sonam field is located in shelf concession OML 91, Escravos Area, offshore Nigeria, in water depths ranging from 7 meters around Okan to 66 meters at Sonam.

Related News: Sea Trucks wins Construction Contract from Enap Sipetrol, Offshore Argentina

Sea Trucks Group, a provider offshore support services to the oil & gas industry, has signed a contract with Enap Sipetrol Argentina for a pipelay construction project for its PIAM Project in the Magallanes Field, offshore Argentina.

The scope of work covers engineering, project management and installation of 3 pipelines of various sizes ranging from 6 to 14 inch, with one shore approach, as well as the installation of tie-in spools and risers.

It also includes abandonment of two existing lines and recovery of flexibles. Water depths in the field are up to 70 m. At the back of the installation campaign Sea Trucks has also been awarded an accommodation services contract.

Jascon 34, one of Sea Trucks’ DP3 pipelay construction and accommodation vessels, has been nominated for both scopes, which, Sea Trucks says, demonstrates the advantage the hybrid design configuration of its DP3 construction vessel fleet.

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