NNPC and Schlumberger to kickstart search for Commercial Hydrocarbon

NNPC and Schlumberger to kickstart search for Commercial Hydrocarbon

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, has stepped up collaboration with the reputable multinational oil service company, Schlumberger, in the deployment of state-of-the-art technology in the ongoing search for commercial hydrocarbon deposits in the Chad basin and other parts of the inland sedimentary basins.

In an interview published in the latest edition of the monthly NNPC News bulletin, Dr. Babatunde Adeniran, Chief Operating Officer, COO Ventures, said that the Corporation is on the verge of executing an agreement with Schlumberger to foster teamwork in vital areas bordering on exploration and reservoir management among others.

“We are concluding partnership arrangement with Schlumberger in four research areas commencing 2017. The first is Exploration & Risks Assessment studies of the Nigerian Frontier Basins, which include the Upper Benue where NNPC is currently carrying out exploration works. We believe this will help the ongoing campaign in the Chad Basin and the Upper Benue Trough,’’ Adeniran explained.

The COO listed other areas of collaboration to include: Wellbore Instabilities studies to assist in reducing drilling costs through prevention of stuck pipes (especially for directional drillings), improve safety and drilling performance.

It also covers Formation Damage prevention to improve oil & gas recovery and economic viability of the reservoir, risk reduction, complex depositional systems and drilling challenges among others.

He noted that the Research and Development Division of the Corporation is ready to take full advantage of the $1 billion global endowment fund for research instituted by Schlumberger.

‘’These projects were showcased at the last Conference of the National Association of Petroleum Explorationist, NAPE. As if we knew, Schlumberger at the session announced $1 billion to be spent on research from next year worldwide. This is a coincidence and a plus to R & D as this will provide opportunity to explore improvement on exploration activities in Nigeria”, Adeniran said.

In addition, Adeniran noted that the Corporation is working towards reaching an accord with Schlumberger on Pressure Volume and Temperature (PVT) sampling and analysis. “Schlumberger initially planned to set up its own PVT laboratory in Nigeria, but discovered that NNPC R&D already has a well-equipped lab. They concluded then that instead of setting up theirs, they can partner with R & D. Several meetings and negotiations took place between the two parties. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was prepared, which has already been signed by Schlumberger and NNPC is on the verge of executing its own part’’, he said.



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