Halliburton Launches Global Rapid Intervention Package 

Halliburton Launches Global Rapid Intervention Package

Boots & Coots Services, a Halliburton business, announced that it has developed a global rapid intervention package (GRIP), a suite of services to help reduce costs and deployment time in the event of subsea well control events.  GRIP provides well planning and well kill capabilities, facilitated by the company’s global logistics infrastructure and existing product service lines. This includes both an inventory of well test packages, coiled tubing units and relief well ranging tools.

In addition, GRIP features a new high temperature, 15,000 psi RapidCap (RC) air-mobile capping stack.  Sourced from Trendsetter Engineering, RC incorporates a specially designed gate valve-based system making it significantly lighter, less expensive, and more mobile than other options currently on the market.

Capping stack systems currently available are extremely difficult to deploy due to their size and weight (approximately 220,000 – 300,000 lb) and are expensive to transport and reassemble on a job site.  It can take weeks to deploy existing systems, especially from locations that lack the infrastructure to timely move the systems into position.

To address the need for a more portable and cost-effective solution, RC aims to reduce deployment time by up to 40% over competing systems.  Rather than requiring specialized infrastructure, RC can be air transported on a Boeing 747-400F and lifted by a 110 ton or lighter crane.

“We are proud to offer the global rapid intervention package that will provide our customers with easy access to containment and relief capabilities even in the most remote areas,” said Jim Taylor, vice president consulting and projectmanagement.  “Boots & Coots has long been recognized as a global leader in well control response and GRIP furthers our commitment to safe offshore operations.”  GRIP and the RapidCap air-mobile capping stack are expected to be ready for deployment by the end of 2016.


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